Famous Musicians Fighting with Their Pretend Families over Thanksgiving Dinner

For the past two years, I’ve celebrated my favorite holiday by photoshopping turkey legs in place of microphones. The conceit being — naturally — that singing looks like eating. But no more! Because you know what else singing looks like? Yelling. And what do we inevitably spend this holiday doing (or wishing we were doing)? Yelling at our families.

So to celebrate the heartiest of family traditions, we’ve sat some of the year’s biggest recording artists down to a delicious, yet fraught, holiday celebration with their beloved, pretend families.

Ah, stars. They’re just like us.

These two are obviously still at it.

katy perry taylor swift thanksgiving

Nicki wishes everyone would just shut up for one dang minute.

nicki minaj thanksgiving

Zayn’s all, “OK, kid, we get it.”

zayn thanksgiving

Cardi B makes a sick turkey.

cardi b thanksgiving

St. Vincent’s face hurts from smiling.

st vincent annie clark thanksgiving

Post Malone is not here for your sweet family photo.

post malone thanksgiving

Bruno Mars sneaks a swig of gravy to help deal.

bruno mars thanksgiving

If we can’t break them up in real life, we can at least have them fight at the dinner table.

justin bieber selena gomez thanksgiving

Sam Smith isn’t angry… he’s just disappointed.

sam smith thanksgiving

Pink. Is. Over. It.

pink thanksgiving

Migos came for the turkey, not to make friends.

migos thanksgiving

Ed Sheeran has had enough, Grandma.

ed sheeran thanksgiving

You’re giving DJ Khaled a headache.

dj khaled

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

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