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Get to Know Your New Pro: Brooks Palin

It’s a new year; and new projects, challenges, and goals await you.

And while we’re on the topic of new frontiers, lately we can’t stop talking about how important video has become to musicians. No, it isn’t just about making a music video for the one single off your upcoming album; it’s about so much more than that. With video, you can help carve your own visual narrative, create extra content and deeper value, get more personal and engage closer with new and continuing fanbases, etc.

So here’s a challenge: why not take a few weeks and work with a verified professional video producer to tack on some vital new skills, new perspectives, and a whole new approach to your music career…

…And who better to do that with than a video producer who is also a decorated music producer and audio engineer. That person is Brooks Palin, and you’ve got the opportunity to work with him right away in a personalized four-week learning program like some of the ones listed below. Brooks is a video editor, photographer, and music producer based in Los Angeles, California. He’s the Chief Editor for Even Tide Productions and has been making cinematic music for 10+ years under the name Buruks.

“I’m passionate about bringing creative ideas to life. I use video, photography, and music to tell my story and love helping others find their own artistic voice.”

Here are some different sessions you can do with Brooks

  • Producing videos from scratch
  • Planning and running shoots
  • Lighting, framing, and shot design
  • Video editing
  • Making high-quality images for social media
  • Electronic music production and sound design
  • Creating original music for film, TV, video, and sync opportunities.

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Check out his recent audio work

You can explore Brooks’ corporate video work as Chief Editor of Even Tide Productions here.

More about Brooks

Brooks Palin is a video editor, photographer, and music producer based in Los Angeles, California.

Working primarily with Adobe software, Brooks has been editing videos and photos professionally for many years. He has a strong passion for visual art and music and how the two are always intertwined. For the last two years, he has worked as the chief editor for Even Tide Productions, an Atlanta-based video production company, as well as edited and produced multiple music videos for his personal music project. In addition to video editing, Brooks has done professional photography for clients as well as for his own creative outlets.

Working primarily in Cubase, he has also been producing electronic and cinematic music for the last ten years, making music under the moniker Buruks. He has a strong passion for sound design and creating original soundscapes and tones to express his musical ideas. His musical background is primarily in hardcore/metal and electronic music but enjoys many other genres including: hip hop, pop, indie and ambient music. Additionally to producing, Brooks has given professional drum lessons and owned his own licensing company.

Brooks is passionate about all things creative and loves the process of tying the imagery and music together. He takes huge inspiration for his own art from futuristic concepts, sci-fi movies and books, anime, and technology.

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Follow Brooks’ music and audio on SoundCloud, and on Instagram.

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