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Get to Know Your New Pro: Chris Temple

If you’ve been following our stream of news updates lately, you may have noticed that Soundfly has begun offering Headliners Club style professional accelerator sessions in creative areas other than music, via our brand new platform Upcurrent.

We decided to start with a set of digital creative skills that musicians would be interested to improve in — such as video production and editing, graphic design, photography, branding, and social media — because in this era, musicians are constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways to gain an edge, and being able to produce high-quality content across disciplines and platforms is an enormous asset.

We’ve long held the belief that contemporary musicians need to think of themselves as small business owners. So when we come across artists who are actual entrepreneurs, successful at having founded businesses and revenue-positive projects, or monetizing their social media channels, our first thought is always: how can our students benefit from their experience?

In the case of Chris Temple, an award-winning filmmaker, humanitarian, and entrepreneur, the answer is simple. He will literally work with you on your project. Chris’s documentaries have been released by Netflix, National Geographic, Starz, and the Atlantic. He’s built a production company that reaches thousands daily with their films and videos, and he’s given more than 300 talks and workshops around the world.

“I’m an accidental filmmaker. I’ve pursued a passion for change and having an impact, and in doing so, discovered that making videos and films is one of the most powerful ways to do that. I’d love to help others have the skills to pursue their dreams as well through video.”

Here are some different sessions you can do with Chris:

  • Cinematography and storyboarding
  • Entrepreneurship and project-building
  • Documentary and short format storytelling
  • Growing your social media following (especially using Instagram)
  • Planning a shoot
  • Video editing

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Check out some recent work by Chris

You can explore more of Chris’s video production work on his website here.

More about Chris

Chris Temple is an award-winning filmmaker and humanitarian. As the founder of Optimist, he’s best known for directing and producing the feature films Living On One Dollar and Salam Neighbor. His documentaries and virtual reality films have been released by Netflix, National Geographic, Starz, and The Atlantic and featured at AFI Docs, CPH:DOX, and Hot Docs Film Festivals. Most recently, he directed, filmed, and produced the unreleased feature documentary, Five Years North, set to premiere in 2020.

Every film and commercial he makes has a purpose. His projects have raised over $91.5 million dollars for the films’ causes. For his efforts, he was recognized alongside Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie as one of the Top 100 Visionary Leaders of 2015 by WPO/YPO’s Real Leaders Magazine and given the 2016 Muslim Public Affairs Annual Media award alongside Hassan Minaj. Despite never having taken a formal film class — Chris has given over 300 keynotes and workshops internationally, including as a mentor for the U.S. State Department’s American Film Showcase.

Request a session with Chris today!

You can see all of Chris’s work at, and follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

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