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Get to Know Your New Pro: Holt Menzies

Most of us here at Soundfly are musicians (which may or may not seem obvious to you). So it might for a moment look odd that we’re promoting our newest Upcurrent Pro hire, a video production professional whose client list probably looks a lot like your streaming history.

But in our experience working with musicians just like you for over five years, we’ve found that the one thing that links almost everyone — regardless of style, instrument, or skill level — is the need to take better ownership over the visual content we produce. Whether it’s for your fans, your supporters, yourself, or any applications you’re preparing, video is the best way to showcase what you do and engage directly with the people who want to see it.

Why not master the skills to create beautiful, long-lasting video content yourself?

Now it’s starting to make more sense, isn’t it? So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Holt Menzies, with whom you’ve got the opportunity to work right away in a personalized four-week learning program via our new platform Upcurrent like some of the example sessions listed below. Holt is a self-taught Camera Operator and Director of Photography. He has shot for clients like Netflix, MTV, TLC, HGTV, and the History Channel, and he’s ready to work with you to learn anything you need about video editing and production.

“I think everybody has the ability to make great images. I love giving people the tools to bring those images to life.”

Here are some different sessions you can do with Holt:

  • Cinematography and storyboarding
  • Planning and running shoots
  • Learning about lighting, framing, and shot design
  • Video editing
  • Software and gear tutorials
  • Making high-quality photographic images for social media

Request a session with Holt today!

Check out Holt’s video production reel

You can explore more of Holt’s video production work on his website here.

More about Holt

Holt Menzies is a self-taught Camera Operator and Director of Photography based out of NYC. He has shot for clients including Netflix, MTV, TLC, HGTV, and the History Channel. He attended Appalachian State and graduated with a degree in Psychology and planned on pursuing a PHD in research (he still enjoys reading the occasional scientific paper). Not long after graduating he worked on a short film and knew that video production was where he needed to be. The collaboration, concentration, and fast pace of production bring a smile to his face like few other things. Since then Holt has worked as an editor, Camera Assistant, and now Camera Operator and DP.

Coming up through the industry anytime Holt heard a term he didn’t know or saw a method he wasn’t familiar with he would tenaciously research them until he could explain it to someone else. When he was offered the opportunity to step up from Camera Assistant to Operator on a network show he knew the relentless research had paid off.

Holt focuses on building a solid foundation of camera fundamentals through showing them at work in practical situations. Better fundamentals means better planning and more fun when you create.

Request a session with Holt today!

Visit Holt’s website to learn more about his work.

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