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Get to Know Your New Pro: Sırma Munyar

Want to sound like the hits on the radio sound without buying a $10K vintage microphone?

Want to take all of your incomplete ideas and turn them into full productions?

Want to learn how to write stronger melodies and more compelling chord progressions?

Sırma Munyar can help you with all of those things and more. She’s the instructor of Soundfly’s Modern Pop Vocal Production course, which is designed to help home-recording vocalists and producers get a richer, more dynamic, and harder-hitting mix without expensive mics or studio time. But you can work with her on any goal you have related to songwriting, audio production, harmonic theory, or even developing revenue streams for your music, courtesy of our brand new platform, Upcurrent.

“I love working with artists who are trying to carve out their own path; because I’ve been there, and I’m still going through it myself.”

Here are just some of the different sessions you can do with Sırma:

  • Producing high-quality vocals at home
  • Songwriting and production from A to Z
  • Getting creative with Logic Pro X and learning the ropes
  • Composing more interesting in for your beats
  • Writing stronger hooks and top-line melodies
  • Finishing something you’re proud of
  • …Or, whatever you want!

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Check out some recent work by Sırma

You can explore more of Sırma’s music here.

More about Sırma

Sırma Munyar is a singer, songwriter, producer, and topliner who has recorded with the likes of Akon, Illenium, and Keri Hilson. She has recorded and produced vocals for jingles for major ads, and written and produced original tracks that hit the top of the Spotify charts in her native Turkey.

She studied contemporary writing & production at Berklee College of Music, where she learned to become a self-sufficient, multifaceted musician. She also studied production and mixing at London School of Sound, and has worked at various studios on production and sound engineering.

One of Sırma’s early musical experiences involved placing third at a professional jazz singing contest at 18, after which she was invited to represent Turkey in the World Choir for the 2010 World Cup song “Oh Africa.” For the recording session and the music video shoot, Sırma had to interrupt her first semester at Berklee for a week and fly to LA to work with Akon and Keri Hilson. Fresh out of high school and immediately faced with a packed schedule, she then understood the true meaning of being a professional musician today: always being prepared to seize any and every opportunity.

Sırma loves working with students at the intersection of songwriting and production, helping them figure out how to produce the sounds they hear in their heads using the software at their fingertips. In particular, she specializes in vocal production.

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Listen to more of Sırma’s music here.

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