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What Happens When You Replace Microphones with Turkey Legs?


The holidays provide a unique opportunity for musical reflection. With all that spare time on our hands and food to digest, we find our minds wandering to the bigger musical quandaries of our time: how did the Arcade Fire mastermind one of the biggest album releases of all timeWhat is the relationship between distance and pitch on a theremin? How does metadata impact the way your music is discovered online? And of course, the age old question:

What would happen if you gave your favorite artists turkey leg microphones
(and microphones of other Thanksgiving feast staples…)?

We took it upon ourselves to answer that last question, and here’s what we’ve learned doing it:

1. Obviously, Beyoncé makes it look amazing.


2. Henry Rollins eats his turkey ragefully.

henry rollins

3. Don’t trust David Bowie with your bowl of sprouts. He’ll try and sneak one.

david bowie

4. Alanis Morissette, Meghan Trainor, and Jimmy Fallon commit horrific cannibalistic atrocities.

alanis morissette jimmy fallon

5. Adele politely declines: “Oh, no, thank you, I couldn’t possibly.”


6. Shakira wields hers like a club.


7. Steven Tyler just cannot help himself around pumpkin pie.

steven tyler

8. Kanye uses his to hype the crowd.


9. Elvis is one smooth turkey eater.


10. Miley only has eyes for gravy.

miley cyrus

11. Justin Timberlake is playfully incredulous: “Oh really, turkey leg?”

justin timberlake

12. Bjork eats turkey gleefully.


13. To nobody’s surprise, Thom Yorke eats his turkey leg uncomfortably.

thom yorke

14. And the Weeknd and Taylor are just here for the party.

taylor swift the weekend

Happy Thanksgiving from Soundfly!

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Zoë Young
Zoë Young

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