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Off Notes: For the Young at Heart

Happy Friday!

This week we’ve got for you a veritable pantheon of kids’ stuff. There are digital toys, kids’ music lyrics, teeny-bopper icons Bieber and One Direction, and some 80s and 90s nostalgia for your weekend viewing pleasure. I put the meaty stuff up top, so scroll down if you’re ready to dive into some silliness. Release your inner child with the best of the musical internet this week!

What we’ve been reading

  • Create your own soundtrack to Off Notes with this drum machine right in your browser! [HTML5 Drum Machine]
  • Classical composer, break dancer, actor, and all-around interesting guy, Harold O’Neal talked to 92Y about creativity and how the “breath” of a piece ties all of his artistic endeavors together:
  • First sing along with our article on 9 classic TV theme songs… then read this in-depth, behind-the-scenes story about how the Seinfeld theme came to be. [Vice]
  • Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber is this coming Monday and it’s weird to feel this excited about something Bieber-related! Buzzfeed shared some of the lighter burns this week, while Vulture ran some of the heaviest. [Buzzfeed and Vulture]
  • Did you know bass could literally put out a fire? Two students at George Mason University invented a fire extinguisher that uses deep bass tones to fight fires and it looks like magic:
  • Check out our inspiring interview with Jay Vidyarthi in this week’s Soundfly Stories. Jay is using music not only to communicate with others, but also to teach us about ourselves. Head over to Vimeo to hear him talk about his invention, the Sonic Cradle — a sensory deprivation chamber that teaches meditation by linking sound to breath, allowing participants to create lush soundscapes simply by mindfully connecting with their breathing. [Jay on Vimeo]
  • Here is something truly stupid and amusing. Thank you, Luda. [Ludacris on Facebook]
  • Mourn the possible break-up of One Direction with The Piano Guys’ epic cover of “What Makes You Beautiful”.
  • Kidz Bop, the music company that takes wildly inappropriate pop songs and changes the lyrics to make them both child-friendly and unintentionally hilarious has a new album out! Billboard has a review of their favorite lines, and… I’m actually pretty impressed by how well a lot of them work. [Billboard]
  • Your musical trivia for the day: the Pink Power Ranger is a singer-songwriter now. [Amy Jo Johnson]
  • We’re all for collaborations around here, so ambushing an unsuspecting Domino’s delivery guy with a keyboard and microphone in order to create a killer dance track is obviously a brilliant idea. [Mashd N Kutcher on Facebook]
  • And moving to the far end of the spectrum of life, watch as Alzheimer’s patients have their memories revived through music. Did it suddenly get dusty where you are? Maybe someone’s chopping onions…

What we’ve been listening to

  • Sufjan Stevens is streaming two new songs ahead of next week’s release of his album, Carrie & Lowell, and they’re lovely. [Bandcamp]
  • Our production manager John just introduced me to Autolux. Here’s a cool bit of trivia from their Wikipedia page: “In May 2002, [drummer Carla] Azar fell from a stage after Autolux had opened for Elvis Costello. Her elbow was shattered and she was told she would ‘probably never play drums again.’ However, due to an experimental surgery involving eight titanium screws, she made a full and complete recovery.” [Spotify and Wikipedia]
  • John and I have very conflicting views about the end of Top Gear as we know it. Here are some playlists for those who, like John, are grieving the loss of television greatness. If you, however, are enjoying the fact that those prats got what they deserved, you can join my celebration here. Songza is very good for processing emotion. [BBC and Songza]
  • We’re all having a hard time letting go of the Harry Potter franchise. Extend its reign just a little longer with Voldemort singing “Uptown Funk”. (It’s long… I almost wasn’t going to post this… but the Bellatrix back-up dancer deserves some love. Her HBC impression is on point.)

And lastly, coming back to our theme of the week, here’s a little bit of ’90s nostalgia to help unleash your inner child. No one takes me back quite like the immortal musical talent of… David Hasselhoff.

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