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Off Notes: Friday Internet Round-Up

Happy Friday!

We here at Soundfly HQ spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet reading and listening and generally consuming far too much music media. And it’s awesome! So we wanted to start sharing our weeks with you. Presenting Off Notes: a weekly round-up of all the musical goodies the rest of the internet has to offer. Were you really going to get that much done on a Friday afternoon anyway? Without further ado…

What we’ve been reading

What we’ve been listening to

Here are some of our favorite tunes for your weekend:

And as ever at Soundfly HQ, most of our time is still spent watching and re-watching the bizarre majesty that is Rob Cantor’s “Shia LaBeouf” Live. Ian did a ridiculous musical dissection of the song here. We even found a remarkably well-timed mashup of the song with the music video for Elastic Heart. But we’d really encourage you to spend the rest of your Friday basking in the endless glow of the original:

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Zoë Young

Zoë is an internet enthusiast and writer who wants to empower everyone to find the knowledge they need to pursue their dreams through the magic of the internet. When not working on web tools and articles to support the Soundfly community, Zoë cooks up a storm and plots ways to recapture her former glory as a third grade recorder soloist. Follow her @parsnipsbk.