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Off Notes: How to Learn Everything Online

In honor of the launch of our BRAND NEW COURSES this week, the theme for our weekly internet round up is… instructional videos! Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a DJ studio out of IKEA furniture? Or how to film a vinyl record in an electron microscope? Then you’ve come to the right place! Watch on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know, including how to write a hit pop song using a bassoon, a kazoo, and Jennifer Lawrence!

How to film a record player using an electron microscope

Jumping right into the deep end of nerd stuff — have you ever wondered how it is that a needle interacts with the grooves in a record to produce sound? Applied Science has you covered. Watch as they build a way to film a record being played inside an electron microscope.

All ten minutes is worth watching, but if you want to get right down to the goods, fast forward to 4:25.

How to make a hit pop song

Step one: start with an instrument you don’t know how to play. Step two: keep it sexy.

How to sneak in a shameless plug

Look at this amazing video we made about our actual songwriting course! (With all due respect to the feat of songwriting instruction demonstrated above.)

How to have a happy Father’s Day

One of the more endearing music-adjascent videos out there: here is Guster drummer Brian Rosenworcel teaching the internet how to put not one, but two tiny babies in a moby wrap.

How to start a fire with a guitar pick

The perfect video for those all-to-common moments when one is trapped in the wilderness with a plethora of guitar picks, an internet connection, and flint — yet no lighter, matches, or kindling.

How to read music

If you want a taste of some of topics we go over in our free How to Read Music course, check out this animated TED Talk with Tim Hansen. And if you love this video as much as we do, keep an eye on in the coming months. I’m not saying we’re working on a course starring the inestimable Tim Hansen, but… (that is exactly what I’m saying).

How to visualize rhythm

Another animated TED Talk, this on a new way of thinking about rhythm. It seems so simple, but by the time I’d gotten half way through it had totally changed the way I thought about the music playing around me.

How to build a DJ booth with IKEA parts

Everything you need to know to DIY yourself a super professional set-up.

How to metal

Closing out our review with an oldie but a goodie. If this is your first time encountering the How to Metal series, I highly recommend checking out the full series. It is hilarious. But also, actually pretty on point…

Bonus: How to give an oposum a pedicure

Happy learning, everyone!

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Zoë Young
Zoë Young

Zoë is an internet enthusiast and writer who wants to empower everyone to find the knowledge they need to pursue their dreams through the magic of the internet. When not working on web tools and articles to support the Soundfly community, Zoë cooks up a storm and plots ways to recapture her former glory as a third grade recorder soloist. Follow her @parsnipsbk.