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Off Notes: Pop Stars and Throw Backs

Happy Friday!

Welcome to another Off Notes weekly round-up of the best the musical internet has to offer. This week is a real pop-music sandwich–we spent Monday morning huddled around the coffee machine dissecting the Superbowl halftime show and this afternoon have been considering how we feel about the Grammys (largely meh, though we like that they’ve become so performance-based!).

What we’ve been reading

What we’ve been listening to

Here are some of our favorite tunes for your weekend:

I’m already hard at work putting together pro- and anti-Valentines Day playlists to include in next week’s Off Notes. Please share all of your favorite romantic and/or defiant tunes in the comments below! In the meantime, please enjoy our song of the week — a local access TV commercial deftly transformed into a free jazz masterpiece!

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Zoë Young

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