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Off Notes: Still Rounding Up the Internet!

What a week!

This has been a wild one here at Soundfly HQ! On Wednesday we threw the most epic, awesome, amazing, badass, spectacular show any of us have seen in as long as we can remember. And it wasn’t easy! Sunday night the news announced a blizzard was headed our way. Monday our venue almost cancelled the show on us. We woke up Tuesday to a paltry 5 inches of snow, wondering what our heart attack the day before was about. And Wednesday was a 20-hour day for this hearty crew! But fear not, dear friends! We managed to find some time to peruse the internet and listen to some sweet tunes to share with all of you. So read on for our weekly round-up of the best the musical internet has to offer…

In case you missed it

What we’ve been listening to:

And so friends, I will leave you here, with perhaps the most cerebral, provocative piece of content we at Soundfly have ever had the good fortune to stumble upon. Enjoy your weekend!

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Zoë Young

Zoë is an internet enthusiast and writer who wants to empower everyone to find the knowledge they need to pursue their dreams through the magic of the internet. When not working on web tools and articles to support the Soundfly community, Zoë cooks up a storm and plots ways to recapture her former glory as a third grade recorder soloist. Follow her @parsnipsbk.