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The Most Comprehensive List of Songs About Laura… Ever

So many singers have crooned over her in the last sixty years. What’s the deal with this globetrotting vixen, Laura? Maybe this will help us find out…

Bat for Lashes — “Laura” (2012)

“You’ll be famous for longer than them. Your name is tattooed on every boy’s skin.”

Girls – “Laura” (2009)

“You’ve been a bitch, I’ve been an ass.”

Flogging Molly — “Laura” (2006)

“And after this song, your spirit lives on. Though your not around you’ll never be gone.”

Jan Smit — “Laura” (2005)

“Ooh Laura, een leven vol verdriet al haar vrienden lopen buiten. Maar voor Laura geldt dat niet.”

Scissor Sisters – “Laura” (2004)

“Won’t you just tell Cincinnati, I’m gonna need your love.”

Jimmy Nail – “Laura” (1992)

“The sky’s a perfect blue again, but it might as well be gray ’cause I let you walk away.”

Nick Heyward – “Laura” (1985)

“I’ve been avoiding all of your phone calls, I’m better off without you.”

Billy Joel — “Laura” (1982)

“Laura loves me, even if I don’t care.”

Jorge Goulart – “Laura” (1957)

“Ô Laura, como é linda a vida! Ô Laura, como é grande o amor!”


Versions of “Laura (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got)” (1967) by Leon Ashley

“You took an awful chance to be with another man. So tell me what he’s got that I ain’t got.”

Kenny Rogers (1976)

Joe Stampley (1975)

Tom Jones (1968)

The Newbeats (1969)

Johnny Darrell (1968)

David Houston (1968)

Tommy Collins (1967)

Claude King (1967)

Brook Benton (1967)

Frankie Laine (1967)

Leon Ashley [original] (1967)

Versions of Laura (1944) film theme song by David Raksin and Johnny Mercer

“She gave your very first kiss to you, that was Laura, but she’s only a dream.”

Carly Simon [version mashed with “Haunting”] (1997)

Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra (1965)

Ella Fitzgerald ft. Nelson Riddle and his orchestra (1964)

Johnny Mathis (1964)

Andre Previn (1963)

Ray Conniff (1958)

Frank Sinatra (1957)

Nat King Cole [instrumental] (1952)

Stan Kenton with vocal ensemble (1951)

Woody Herman and his orchestra (1945)

Johnnie Johnston (1945)

Jerry Wald ft. Dick Merrick [instrumental with vocal refrain] (1945)

Freddy Martin [instrumental] (1945)

Dick Haymes (1945)

And, yes, because you made it all the way to the bottom of this silly article… You get this odd televised treat.

Robert Goulet (no clue, but this is amazing)

*Bonus: Gregory Porter – “Hey Laura” (2013)

“Won’t you lie to me and make me believe that you’re in love with me.”

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