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Soundfly Is Expanding: Get Training in Design, Video, Branding, and More!

If you’ve been a longtime Flypaper reader, you probably know that Soundfly got its start a few years ago by making online courses for musicians — but we quickly discovered that our students were hungry for something more than just video lessons and tutorials.

Through lots of experimentation and research into how people learn most effectively, we began hiring and training expert “mentors.” We paired them up one-on-one with students for a customized learning experience built around their personal goals and skill level. The dramatic increase in warm, fuzzy testimonials immediately told us we were onto something.

Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our method to new creative fields beyond just music and audio via our new platform, Upcurrent — starting with a pilot program for graphic design, photography, video production, branding, and social media. Available spots for early 2020 are already filling up, so don’t hesitate; fill out your application before the end of the year to work with an Upcurrent Pro on your project or portfolio!

Our handpicked roster of experts have worked with the world’s top brands, including Google, Netflix, NBC, Verizon, BBC, and more. Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve in one month with an Upcurrent Pro in your corner:

  • Build a design portfolio that knocks people over.
  • Learn how to conceptualize, produce, and edit a video campaign for social media.
  • Understand basic design techniques that will improve your emails and other marketing materials.
  • Learn the ins and outs of your equipment from a seasoned professional.
  • Get help creating a top-notch reel so you can book more work.
  • Learn how to compose, arrange, and produce music for sync licensing opportunities or film soundtracks.

How does it work?

Our program is designed to help you progress toward your goals as efficiently as possible. It’s practical, flexible, personalized, and action-oriented. Here’s how your session will unfold:

1. Get matched with a Pro. We’ll work with you to better understand your needs and where you currently are in your journey, and then recommend the best Pro to work with.

2. Make a plan. You’ll chat with your Pro to make sure it’s a good fit, and so that they can better understand what you’re trying to achieve. They will use that knowledge to create a Learning Plan that will guide your month.

3. Take on guided activities. Each week involves a specific activity or challenge assigned by your Pro that will move you closer to your goal and provide the framework for your interactions.

4. Get weekly phone or video support. Each week, you and your Pro will hop on the phone or video conference (on your schedule) to work through your activities, answer questions, learn key concepts, and share ideas.

5. Complete your activities and get feedback. Your Pro will give you critical feedback on your work every week with suggestions on areas to improve, additional things to consider, or resources to check out. This helps you adjust and focus on the areas where you need the most work.

6. Reach out anytime. You can email your Pro anytime during your session with questions, or post to our community-wide Slack group, where you can interact with other students or Soundfly and Upcurrent team members.

Curious about the specifics? Check out the FAQ here.

Why does this work better than an online course or private tutor?

We’ve witnessed a number of highly successful sessions and outcomes, with more than 500 sessions completed so far. This year, we’ve seen a 99% customer satisfaction rate among those surveyed, and a 92% completion rate among all sessions.

Here’s why our program works so well:

It’s 100% personalized. Online courses are one-size-fits-all, but your needs are unique. Our Pros work with you to create a plan customized to your goals so that you can focus on what matters most. With guidance and instruction that’s built around your schedule, you’ll hit your goals more quickly than ever.

Quality is guaranteed. Working with a tutor or teacher privately can be a toss-up — some are amazing, others miss the mark. We set out to guarantee a good experience for everyone who signs up. Our Pros are vetted, trained, and supported by our team, so that you can have confidence in a successful outcome for your learning.

It’s research-based. Our model was built on research around how people learn most effectively. It’s designed to help you set clear goals, stay accountable to them, get guidance on the right steps for you, get feedback that will help you focus on the right stuff, and get answers when you need them.

How do I apply?

We’re now accepting applications for early access to the pilot program. You’re a perfect fit if you are:

  • Motivated to grow, but struggling with some aspect of your creative work.
  • An aspiring creator looking to build your reel or portfolio.
  • An employee hoping to improve your creative skills on the job.
  • A professional looking to pick up a new subskill.

Basically, if you could use guidance, feedback, and accountability from a creative expert, then you’re a great fit for this program! Learn more at!

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