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#SongwritingWeek Starts Monday!

#SongwritingWeek, songwriting week

Songwriters and song lovers rejoice! This Monday we’re launching Songwriting Week — a week dedicated to celebrating great songwriters and educating up-and-coming and aspiring artists. All week long, Flypaper will be devoted to sharing tips and stories to help you become a better, more informed, and more inspired songwriter. On Twitter, we’ll be celebrating all the incredible songwriters in our community. Just tweet at us using the hashtag #SongwritingWeek and we’ll share your music with our world. On Instagram we’ve got 15-second videos of songwriters sharing their favorite piece of writing advice. And follow us on Facebook for links to all our latest articles and great songwriting resources from all over the web.

We’re running the week in honor of our course, The New Songwriter’s Workshop, so be sure to check it out this weekend so that you’re ready to tweet at us bright and early Monday morning!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Do you have a blog, vlog, or anywhere else you share songwriting advice or stories about your own writing process? Share your songwriting work using the hashtag #SongwritingWeek and we’ll share it with our Facebook and Twitter communities.
  • Follow us on Facebook for tips and tools to improve your songwriting.
  • Share your latest songs with us on Twitter @learntosoundfly or with the hashtag #SongwritingWeek.
  • Check us out on Instagram for quick bits of songwriting advice.
  • And keep learning with our course, The New Songwriter’s Workshop!

Can’t wait to hear what you write!

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Zoë Young
Zoë Young

Zoë is an internet enthusiast and writer who wants to empower everyone to find the knowledge they need to pursue their dreams through the magic of the internet. When not working on web tools and articles to support the Soundfly community, Zoë cooks up a storm and plots ways to recapture her former glory as a third grade recorder soloist. Follow her @parsnipsbk.