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  • Andrew Huang’s Top 5 Song Challenges

    Andrew Huang’s Top 5 Song Challenges

    Toronto wunderkind Andrew Huang has about a thousand tricks up his sleeve. Every time you think he couldn’t possibly one-up himself, he pulls out yet another rabbit wearing a top hat. Most of us first found out about his spectacular ability to turn mundane household sounds into captivating beats and complicated tracks with his video covering “99 Red Balloons”…

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  • How to Find Inspiration

    How to Find Inspiration

    Andy on my Facebook page suggested I write about finding inspiration — and what better way to start a blog about music and creativity than the very starting point of creating music. Today I want to talk about three different ways to approach finding inspiration, and in my next few posts I’ll go into detail with some tips and…

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  • Off Notes: Live from Japan

    Off Notes: Live from Japan

    Happy Friday! This week’s edition of Off Notes is coming to you from Japan, where the masterminds behind Soundfly’s “Touring on a Shoestring” course have booked a tour of their very own (and where this Soundflyer tagged along in search of weird and wonderful goodies to spice up your Friday afternoon!). So read on for a (mostly) Asian-inspired…

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