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The archive for our Friday round ups of the best, worst, and weirdest musical happenings of the week, Off Notes!

  • Off Notes: 9 Ways to Find Your Sound

    Off Notes: 9 Ways to Find Your Sound

    Here at Soundfly, we’re all about helping people find their voice through music. So much so that our tag line is “Find Your Sound.” This week, we found evidence of people finding their sound all over the internet. From the silly, to the the serious, to the scandalous (Zac Efron personally* stole our slogan to promote his…

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  • Off Notes: Willow Smith, a Nose Whistle, and More!

    Off Notes: Willow Smith, a Nose Whistle, and More!

    It’s with a heavy heart that we said goodbye this week to the King of Blues. The internet abounds today with touching tributes. Here at Soundfly HQ we’ve had “Thrill is Gone,” “Hummingbird,” and “Three O’Clock Blues” playing all day. But, the show must go on. And as usual, the internet never fails to provide thought-provoking commentary, bizarre videos, and…

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  • Off Notes: A Magical Combination

    Off Notes: A Magical Combination

    Happy Friday! Some of our all-time favorite musical combinations come from artists referencing their idols or putting songs and styles they love into their own musical voice. This week we found remixes and covers all over the web, resulting in genre-bending collaborations that have turned music we thought we knew into something else entirely. Check out Guns…

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  • Off Notes: Golden Oldies

    Off Notes: Golden Oldies

    Happy Friday! This week turned out to be a nostalgic one here at Soundfly HQ — so many of my submissions came from the archives! We spent the beginning of the week exploring the history of Abbey Road, found out mid-week about the Full House reunion, and just yesterday stumbled across the Cher, Elton John, and Bette Midler…

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  • Off Notes: Live from Japan

    Off Notes: Live from Japan

    Happy Friday! This week’s edition of Off Notes is coming to you from Japan, where the masterminds behind Soundfly’s “Touring on a Shoestring” course have booked a tour of their very own (and where this Soundflyer tagged along in search of weird and wonderful goodies to spice up your Friday afternoon!). So read on for a (mostly) Asian-inspired…

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  • Off Notes: Dog Days of April

    Off Notes: Dog Days of April

    Happy Friday! Spring is in the air! Temperatures are rising, birds are singing, and creatures are coming out of hibernation. This week it seems everyone had animals on the mind. Friends sent me not one, but two different videos of dogs playing piano and singing. (Fear not, I agree with you. You probably should see them both.)…

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  • Off Notes: It’s a Party!

    Off Notes: It’s a Party!

    Happy Friday! This week’s Off Notes is a festive one. We’ve got a series of musical celebrations lined up — from a subterranean hullabaloo over Bach the elder’s 330th birthday, to the upcoming global observance of music’s newest holiday, Piano Day, to an awards show for a digital age — we have a lot to…

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  • Off Notes: Inventing New Instruments

    Off Notes: Inventing New Instruments

    Happy Friday! We never go into writing Off Notes with a theme, but week after week, there seem to be common threads in everything we come across. This week: creating instruments. We’ve found not one, but two newly-invented instruments, a stunning video of building a guitar by hand, and a short piece of web code that will turn your…

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  • Off Notes: Sock Puppets Playing Heavy Metal

    Off Notes: Sock Puppets Playing Heavy Metal

    Happy Friday! It seems that I opened the floodgates last Friday by featuring a few weird and wonderful videos in Off Notes. Ever since, the whole office and all of our friends have been piling on top of each other, sending increasingly bizarre and beautiful finds for today’s round-up. We’ve got some great stuff in this post on…

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  • Off Notes: The Weird and Wonderful

    Off Notes: The Weird and Wonderful

    Happy Friday! We here at Soundfly HQ have been swamped getting ready for Monday when we’ll be (drumroll, please) LAUNCHING THREE NEW COURSES!!! Huzzah! Fortunately, our friends weren’t going to let us get through the week without seeing all the weird and wonderful things the internet had to offer. And without a doubt, this week turned…

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