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  • Off Notes: 11 Music Happenings You Should Know About

    Off Notes: 11 Music Happenings You Should Know About

    Happy Friday! This week was full of musical announcements and discoveries from around the internet. Read on for our round up of the latest news on the music industry, crazy music videos, a spring reading list, and the smooth stylings of a young Bruce Willis! 1. Turmoil in Streaming Music Billboard: Sony pulled all their […]

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  • Off Notes: Golden Oldies

    Off Notes: Golden Oldies

    Happy Friday! This week turned out to be a nostalgic one here at Soundfly HQ — so many of my submissions came from the archives! We spent the beginning of the week exploring the history of Abbey Road, found out mid-week about the Full House reunion, and just yesterday stumbled across the Cher, Elton John, and Bette Midler […]

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  • Off Notes: Dog Days of April

    Off Notes: Dog Days of April

    Happy Friday! Spring is in the air! Temperatures are rising, birds are singing, and creatures are coming out of hibernation. This week it seems everyone had animals on the mind. Friends sent me not one, but two different videos of dogs playing piano and singing. (Fear not, I agree with you. You probably should see them both.) […]

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