Do Dogs Understand Music?

Do dogs “get” music?

Woah, ruff question, dawg! No but seriously, the answer may surprise you!

And that’s what we set out to discover with today’s new explainer video.

We know that dogs (and cats) have incredibly sensitive hearing — they’re able to hear nearly double the frequency range that we humans are capable of — so they can certainly hear the music we make for ourselves (albeit quite differently).

We also know that tons of animals are affected by the sound of music being played around them — cows relax into producing more milk, rats and chickens both have physiological responses, and chimps’ may experience changes in mood.

There’s also ton of content on the internet claiming to have been designed “just for dogs.” Now that’s gotta be baloney, right?

But does any of that actually matter? Do dogs really “understand” music when they hear it? Well, my unfurry friends, you’re going to have to watch this video to find out!

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*For yet another un-scientific experiment in this subject, check out Angela Tyler’s post, “We Tried Playing “Music for Dogs” to a Dog. Turns Out, He Didn’t Care.” right here on Flypaper.

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