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Introducing Soundfly’s Brand New Podcast: “Themes and Variation”

Themes and variation

We have some big news for you today.

Soundfly has a new podcast. It’s called “Themes and Variation.” Episode 1 launches on August 19th. And oh yeah, it’s a ton of fun!

Check out our trailer episode below and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts, to get new episodes delivered straight to your phone, every other Wednesday!

Here’s a little bit about “Themes and Variation.”

At Soundfly, we’re constantly experimenting with ways to deliver amazing learning experiences for musicians. That’s why we put so much energy into creating our online courses, daily articles, helpful videos, free learning guidessubscriber-only curated emails and Slack projects, and other content.

In fact, we’re always looking for new ways to bring free and affordable music resources to our global community. The idea to do a podcast was right in front of our noses for years; but the idea of creating a podcast solely based on learning music, as if an audio extension of our courses, just felt kind of dull.

Then we turned inward, and noticed the kinds of intense and illuminating conversations about music that were happening within our subscriber and student community, between mentors and us Soundfly staffers, every day on Slack. Everyone bringing unique opinions and examples to the table, everyone with slightly niche areas of personal expertise, weighing in on different topics, occasionally playing devil’s advocate just to see where it might lead the discussion…

We began noticing how when there’s a roomful of passionate musicians and music-lovers, all it takes is a single seed, a theme, to create innumerable variations.

  • What was the first album you ever bought? 
  • What’s the most interesting cover song you ever heard, and what made it different?
  • How do you define “epic” in music? Do you just know it when you hear it or does a pirate ship of violins have to come sailing through your speakers?
  • How come the ’90s made us listen to totally different music than we enjoy today?
  • What’s your favorite song that offers horrible life advice?

Isn’t this the real way most of us learn about music these days? In conversation with friends, colleagues, family, random strangers who subscribe to the same learning platform as you… We think so, and that’s the podcast.

“Themes and Variation” brings those conversations to life, in a very particular way. Each episode features a single theme, and an intimate panel of musicians and music lovers who prepare to tackle that theme in their own way. They research, select, improvise a bit, and bring their variation on the theme to the round table. And what comes out in conversation between the participants is where the magic really happens.

It’s music education ’round the water cooler.

Go ahead and subscribe to “Themes and Variations” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts to get every new episode when it comes out, starting August 19th!

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Carter Lee

Carter Lee is a bassist/educator/producer. He is originally from Edmonton, Canada and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to leading the hip-hop group, Tiger Speak, Lee is the music director for the bands of both Shea Rose and Moruf. He is also a sideman for countless other artists. Carter brings his wealth of experience in many different musical situations to the Soundfly team and is eager to help any musician who is hoping to better their band. Check out his course Building a Better Band on Soundfly today!