Office Listening — July 2023 Spotify Playlist

Soundfly’s “Office Listening” is our monthly playlist on Spotify that includes selections from what the team at Soundfly HQ is listening to and enjoying, as well as newly released tracks from the Soundfly subscriber community, music from our online course instructors and mentors, and listening recommendations culled from our Discord.

This month, following the launch of Ian Chang’s Warped Rhythms & Abstract Beats course, we’re spotlighting some songs he’s featured in (see Ian’s solo track which starts the playlist, Matthew Dear and Landlady). You can also hear new songs from Soundfly extended community members like Carla Malrowe, Hazel Bloom, Gian Torri, Arthur Moon, Julia Kent, Ben Folds, Elijah Fox’s alter-ego, and Ike Iloegbu (mastering). Plus we added tons of new finds courtesy of the Soundfly Discord.

On the cover: Ian Chang

We update this playlist every month, so follow the playlist on Spotify here to stay up to date. And now, enjoy the music!

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Office Listening — July 2023 playlist

  1. Ian Chang – “Comfort Me” (feat. Kiah Victoria)
  2. SBTRKT – “FOLLOW” (feat. LEILAH)
  3. Arthur Moon – “Get Back”
  4. Clark & Thom Yorke – “Medicine”
  5. Nabihah Iqbal – “Dreamer”
  6. Carla Malrowe – “Dear Host”
  7. Hazel Bloom – “yes man”
  8. Michael K. Woods – “I Choose You”
  9. Ben Folds – “Winslow Gardens”
  10. xander. & Søren Søstrom – “Waiting”
  11. Grafh – “Nothing To Lose” (feat. Bobbie Grei)
  12. Beyondsonny – “Black Friends”
  13. Aphex Twin – “Blackbox Life Recorder 21f”
  14. Kodomo – “Impromptu”
  15. Lord Echo – “Nightclub Daydream”
  16. Janelle Monáe – “Float” (feat. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80)
  17. WITCH – “Unimvwesha Shuga” (feat. Theresa Ng’ambi & Hanna Tembo)
  18. Matthew Dear – “Earthforms”
  19. The Pages – “God Save the President”
  20. Landlady – “Dying Day”
  21. Sungazer – “Macchina”
  22. Gian Torri – “Seabed Serenade”
  23. Anna Leone – “Once”
  24. Library Tapes & Julia Kent – “Through Glass”
  25. Sigur Rós – “Bló∂berg”

Happy listening! Hope you’ve discovered something new, and see you all next month.

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