Our 2022 Soundfly Holiday Giveaway Gift Guide

Last week we launched our exciting, and bigger-than-ever, 2022 Soundfly Holiday Giveaway.

Its a sweepstakes that is currently open until January 9, which means if you’re a Soundfly subscriber between now and then you’re automatically eligible to win. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you’ve got a couple weeks left to join, in order to become eligible (details below).

But if you’re wondering whether this whole big holiday hullabaloo is worth it, we can assure you: it is! Here’s a list of all the prizes we’re giving away this year — totalling out over $4,000 — courtesy of some incredible partner brands.

Soundfly annual holiday giveaway announcement

How to Enter:

Active Soundfly subscribers based in the US and Canada are automatically eligible to win any of the prizes available. If you’re already a subscriber, great! All you need to do is stay subscribed.

If you aren’t yet a subscriber, in order to be eligible to win one of the giveaway prizes below, you must join the Soundfly subscription before January 9, 2023. To learn more, read on below or visit the official Rules & Terms here for details on entry submission.

For a limited time, make use of our year-end promotion for 15% off your monthly or annual subscription with following discount code:


Now let’s check out all of this year’s available prizes you could win!

Music Hardware Studio Gear

Improve your production with brand new gear for your home studio. (One of each available in the giveaway.)

Teenage Engineering OP-Z synthesizer (retail $499)

At about half the size of the acclaimed OP-1, but with more DSP power and energy efficiency, the Teenage Engineering OP-Z is their most advanced portable synthesizer and sequencer to date. Music is just the beginning — the OP-Z is capable of image and 3D graphics and DMX light sequencing. In total, 16 audio or control tracks can contain sequences with independent track speeds and lengths. With an updated Tape feature for capturing ideas and mangling sounds, the OP-Z is one of the most advanced portable sequencers available.

Universal Audio Volt 476 USB-C interface (retail $329)

The Universal Audio Volt 476 is a USB-C audio interface worthy of a decades-long legacy. The Volt 476 boasts top-flight analog circuitry, along with class-leading 24-bit/192kHz AD/DA conversion for pro-level music productions, livestreams, and podcasts. This audio interface boasts two microphone preamplifiers with switchable 610-style analog sound, two additional line inputs, and convenient input metering. This interface’s crown jewel, however, is its built-in 1176-derived FET compressor with three push-button application modes. Six analog outputs and a headphones output make monitoring a snap, plus direct monitoring for zero-latency operation. You also get MIDI I/O for your synths and controllers. 

Sennheiser HD400 Pro studio headphones (retail $199)

The HD 400 Pro open-back studio headphones provide a natural and accurate listening experience for fine tuning your signature sound. Its lightweight design and velour earpads provide the comfort you need during long sessions. In addition, open ear cups and angled transducers allow for a wide and transparent soundstage, making the HD 400 PRO a reliable companion for those who put quality and precision above all else.

Doepfer A-110-1 Standard VCO Eurorack module (retail $195)

Module A-110 is a voltage-controlled oscillator. This VCO’s frequency range is about eight octaves. It can produce four waveforms simultaneously: square, sawtooth, triangle, and sine wave. The frequency or pitch of the VCO is determined by the position of the octave (Range) switch and tuning (Tune) knob, and by the voltage present at the CV inputs. The core of the A-110 is a sawtooth oscillator.

Novation Launchkey 37 Mk3 MIDI controller (retail $189)

Launchkey is an intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller for making tracks in Ableton Live, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Made for creators of all abilities, Launchkey gives you inspirational tools to expand your musical vocabulary. Scale and Chord modes and a powerful arpeggiator push your musical creativity and help start new ideas. Custom Modes and a full-size MIDI output transform Launchkey into a powerful centrepiece of any music-making setup.

… Plus one more secret gift (announcing in 2023)… Stay tuned for that soon.

Music Software Items

Courtesy of our partner brands, we’re giving away free licenses to essential audio plugin suites, sound libraries and soft synths. (One or more of each available in the giveaway.)

iZotope Music Production Suite 5.1 (retail $399)

The iZotope Music Production Suite introduces a new way to own all of iZotope’s flagship music products; including Ozone 10 Advanced, RX 10 Standard, Neutron 4 mixing suite, immersive reverbs Stratus 3D plus Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio, and six new effects plug-ins from Brainworx. 52 plug-ins with all you need from creative effects and sonic shaping, to assistive mixing, vocal production, intelligent mastering, repair, and balancing.

Arturia Analog Lab V software (retail $199)

Create, produce, perform. Analog Lab V is a keyboard anthology plugin that combines thousands of world-class presets spanning dozens of timeless instruments, instant-access controls, and flawless integration — in one place.

Dear Reality EXOVERB reverb plugin (retail $139)

EXOVERB incorporates the fundamentals of spatial hearing, enabling enhanced control of spatial distance perception. Dear Reality developed each acoustic scene using proprietary software and extensive experience in immersive audio to create multiple synthesized IRs based on a wide range of room parameters. The results are true-to-life sounding reverbs with 3D depth perception on all playback systems; speakers and headphones alike.

Output Arcade plugin one-year subscription (retail $120)

Arcade is an entirely new kind of synthesizer built to inspire your creativity with fresh content every month. Select from over 50,000 loops and samples to play and manipulate, play chromatic instruments from a wide variety of unique sources, or upload your own samples to modify and get creative. All locked to your tempo and key — an inspiration machine in a single plugin. 

Soundfly In-Kind Items

Select winners will have the option to swap their Gear Item for a free opportunity from Soundfly to help achieve one’s musical dreams over time. (Unlimited availability in the giveaway.)

Soundfly 1-on-1 mentorship session for 4 weeks (retail $375)

Work one-on-one with a Soundfly Mentor to create a custom four-week learning program specifically tailored to your needs and goals.

Soundfly annual all-access course subscription (retail $234)

With Soundfly’s flagship subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to our premium online music course content and our active Discord community.

Visit the official 2022 Holiday Giveaway Rules & Terms for more info and important details. Join Soundfly today for 15% off your monthly or annual subscription with following discount code:


Here’s How It Works:

Grand Prize Tier. One (1) Winner will receive:

  • One (1) choice of prize from the Music Hardware Studio Gear Items list above;
  • AND one (1) choice of prize from the Music Software Items list above;
  • AND one (1) four-week Soundfly mentorship session.

First Prize Tier. Four (4) Winners will receive:

  • One (1) choice of remaining prizes from the Music Hardware Studio Gear Items lists above; OR one (1) choice of remaining prizes from the Music Software Items lists above, OR one (1) four-week Soundfly mentorship session.

Second Prize Tier. Five (5) Winners will receive:

  • One (1) choice of remaining prizes from the Music Hardware Studio Gear Items lists above; OR one (1) choice of remaining prizes from the Music Software Items lists above, OR one (1) Soundfly annual all-access course subscription.

Winners will be chosen one at a time, at random, on January 13 on Instagram Live and notified via email. Click here to follow Soundfly on Instagram.

Winners’ priority of choice of Prize item within their Prize Tier will depend on the order in which they were picked. SOUNDFLY will notify Winners of their Prize Tier and their position in the priority of choice order as soon as all Winners are chosen, and will notify all ten (10) Winners one at a time with remaining choices of Prize, in the order in which they are picked. Winners will also have to prove their eligibility upon notification of being chosen.

Questions about the subscription?

With a Soundfly subscription, you can improve all aspects of your music. Subscribe to get unlimited access to our premium course content, an invitation to join our community Discord, exclusive partner perks, and discounts on personalized mentor sessions for guided learning. Not to mention, eligibility to win prizes in this year’s holiday giveaway.

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