Student Spotlight, Volume 15: Listen to New Works from Soundfly Student Artists

Soundfly student, Mat Robson, producing at home in thick fog! Hear his track below.
Soundfly student, Mat Robson, producing at home in thick fog! Hear his track below.
Soundfly student, Mat Robson, producing at home in thick fog! Hear his track below.

Early on in 2020, Soundfly began introducing what we call Digital Creatives sessions to explore content production areas other than music. We onboarded some remarkable mentors to help artists develop their skills in social media marketing, video production/photography, and graphic design, and all with a keen eye towards a musician’s utility of these skills.

These Digital Creatives sessions have so far been a blast, and it’s great to see musicians of all kinds taking the outer elements of growing their career into their own hands more. Not all musicians need video shooting and editing skills, but if you’re looking to grow your YouTube content or create online lessons for your following, it certainly helps!

Today, we are delighted to share some of the fruits of those sessions in this instalment of our Student Spotlight series, but of course, we also have some incredible musical tracks to share with you first — a chiptune track with some deep harmony, a couple of songs featuring expertly produced vocals, and we even have a student-artist’s first triumph in scoring to picture!

Want to work with one of our Soundfly Mentors yourself? Tell us a bit about yourself and your creative goals and we’ll find the right program for you!

“0 to 100”

Student-Artist: Erik Andersen (Hexilver)
Course: Unlocking the Emotional Power of Chords
Mentor: Joseph Capalbo
Focus: To further develop music theory knowledge and production skills.

Joseph: Erik began the Unlocking the Emotional Power of Chords course brand new to using Ableton Live. Now, he’s using a lot of the more of the in-depth features that Ableton offers and is applying music theory from the course in his own creative style!

“Controlled Landing”

Student-Artist: Mat Robson (Tenuous Threads)
Course: Headliners Club
Mentor: Andrea De Carlo
Focus: To complete the production on a track.

Andrea: It was a real pleasure to work with Mat. He is a very talented musician and a really hard worker. I’m really proud of his work during our time together and can’t wait to hear more music from him!

“Napoleon Sta Stil”

Student-Artist: Marc Swevers
Course: Headliners Club
Mentor: Ian Barnett
Focus: To develop vocal production skills to compliment beat-driven production. 

Ian: Marc has a great work ethic and his desire to learn is truly inspiring. He made big improvements during our time together and I know he’ll continue to grow with everything he does.

“Intro to Photo Editing”

Student-Artist: Bonnie Lee
Course: Headliners Club
Mentor: Ilichna Morasky
Focus: To learn key tools and techniques for photo editing and vintage image restoration.

Ilichna: Bonnie was a blast to work with! She is so wonderful and filled with so much positive energy. She also made some amazing strides in her ability to edit photos and I’m so happy with how our session went!

“Untitled” Score

Student-Artist: Ramon Berguer
Course: Headliners Club
Mentor: Rafael Torres
Focus: To learn to compose to picture using a brief. 


Rafael: Ramon is a quick learner and his dedication to crafting his sound will lead him to success, I’m sure of it!

“Do Something Beautiful”

Student-Artist: Susan Simonson
Course: Modern Pop Vocal Production
Mentor: Sırma Munyar
Focus: To be able to fully produce vocals for demo songs. 

Sırma: I’ve done two sessions with Susan so far. Our first session was when she signed up for the Intro to Making Music in Logic Pro X course, and the second one was when she decided to take my course, Modern Pop Vocal Production. The difference between the initial demo and the final mix is clear as day. I know for a fact that she has learned a lot from this experience and I couldn’t be more proud! 

DIY Promotion

Student-Artist: Sulene van der Walt
Course: Headliners Club
Mentor: Holt Menzies
Focus: To develop more comfort in creating video-based promotional material.

Holt: Sulene had a clear vision of what images she wanted to create. It was awesome seeing her apply concepts we covered to help achieve that goal.

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Tell us what you’re working on, and we’ll find the right mentor or course for you! 

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