We’re Hosting a Workshop on Self-Guided Learning This Week

Ian Temple and Mahea Lee

Ian Temple and Mahea Lee

The pandemic has made it clear that adaptability is one of the most important skills an artist can have. All our plans for 2020 and 2021? Out the window. The musicians able to go in a new direction quickly are the ones able to unearth something useful from this flaming dumpster of a year.

A key part of this is the ability to learn new things. Flying Lotus has apparently spent part of his year learning more about how to use synths. Kylie Minogue is learning how to use Logic Pro X for the first time. Countless others on this site and around the world are learning how to livestream or self-produce for the first time.

Given that, it’s the perfect time to review some of the research and literature on how we can learn most effectively and efficiently. Is learning just reading articles and watching videos online, or is there more to it than that? (Hint: The latter). There are tons of tips and techniques that can help us get more out of our limited practice or learning time.

Later this week, Thursday, October 15 at 11 AM EST to be exact, my colleague Mahea Lee and I will be doing a digital workshop on precisely those topics as part of this year’s virtual Mondo.NYC 2020: Igniting Music and Technology conference, which is happening online all week. We’ll be presenting an overview of some of the key themes around how to be a better self-learner, and some of the concepts that we’ve used to design our online learning programs.

And since we’re also a sponsor of this year’s conference, you can get a 20% discount on your ticket courtesy of Soundfly. Just click here to buy tickets to Mondo.NYC 2020, and use promo code mondosoundfly20 to activate your 20% discount at checkout.

Here’s a bit more info on our panel, hope you can attend!

Soundfly: Strategies for Artists to Become Self-Guided Learners

Ian Temple and Mahea Lee

Thursday, October 15 at 11 AM (EST)

The greatest skill one can develop as an artist is the ability to build knowledge and develop insight on your own. We gain this through our personal practice, experience, and experimentation. Yet, most of us aren’t particularly good at learning new things on our own. And in such a crowded landscape filled with “how to” videos and “experts,” we find ourselves distracted with no clear path towards our goal.

Learn more about the panel and sign up here.

Join our team of expert online educators from Soundfly, plus invited guests, as we explore and share science-based strategies to learn more effectively on your own, so you’re prepared to take on any new skill or challenge with clarity and insight; and most importantly, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting what you’ve learned a week after you learn it.

Click here to buy tickets to Mondo.NYC 2020.

Use promo code mondosoundfly20 to activate your 20% discount at checkout.

Connective, immersive, and with one-on-one interaction up close and personal, as far as virtual events go, Mondo.NYC 2020 will bring the music world together as never before: in a four-day global interactive meeting and livestream conference.

Mondo.NYC is a pioneering music festival and global business conference focusing on the intersection of emerging music discovery and how emerging technologies and economies will significantly impact the business of music. Reconnect with old friends, forge new alliances, and roll up your sleeves because there is much work to be done. And, of course, be introduced to great new artists, technology and experience some of the world’s best new music (digitally).

At Soundfly, we help curious musicians meet their goals with creative online courses. Whatever you want to learn, whenever you need to learn it. Subscribe now to start learning on the ’Fly.

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