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What Are People Saying About Their Soundfly Mentorship Experiences?

Learning on Soundfly

Whether you’ve just joined the Soundfly community, or you’ve taken some courses but are hesitant to work with a professional mentor to level up your skills — you may have asked yourself, “Well this looks awesome, but how do I know it’s actually going to help me improve?”

And that’s a great question!

Our 4- and 6-week coaching sessions are designed around your unique goals, interests, and blind spots, and they’re loads of fun. But most importantly, as a community propped up by peer feedback and network support, trusting the experiences of other musicians is one of the key elements this learning model is founded upon.

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So here’s what a handful of recent students had to say about their experiences working 1-on-1 with a mentor. These are all honest, public reviews taken from Trustpilot.

For more reviews and testimonials, visit Trustpilot here.

Ready for a custom session of your own?

If it’s not clear by now, Soundfly’s community of mentors can help you set the right goals, pave the right path toward success, and stick to schedules and routines that you develop together, so you improve every step of the way.

Tell us what you’re working on here, and someone on our staff will get back to you within 48 hours to learn more, and help find the right mentor for your project!

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Soundfly Mentors

From day one til your final project, Soundfly Mentors make sure not only that you learn the material, but also move forward with your own music. Whether learning how to compose like like the greats, mix your newest song, or produce a ripping beat, your mentor will do whatever it takes to make sure you get to where YOU want to be. Learn more and request to work with a mentor here.