5 Top Wireless Headsets for the On-the-Go Music Lover

koss bt540i

koss bt540i

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By Stacie Myrtle

By now, you’ve probably heard that Apple’s newly released smartphone comes without a headphone jack. The influential tech company unveiled their iPhone 7 in September, doing away with the traditional 3.5mm port in favor of a thinner design and larger battery. In light of this, retailers are predicting that the device will cause sales of wireless headphones to increase by 60%. Apple is more focused on promoting the new handset’s stereo speaker system, claiming it’s “2x louder than the iPhone 6s.” Apple also introduced new wireless EarPods (as well as wired, Lightning-connected models) to go along with the 7.

However, you don’t have to be an iPhone 7 user to enjoy great wireless music experiences. Just about every mobile device is capable of connecting to headsets via Bluetooth, and headphone makers are working furiously to improve the quality and fidelity of their wireless offerings. These may even make home recording easier if you’re bouncing between hitting record on your computer and rushing over to your instrument (though you may not want to mix with them). So I’m going to share five of my favorite wireless headsets available now to music lovers everywhere.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless


There are some awesome brands on the market that are known for their great audio experience and Sennheiser is among the best. Their Momentum Wireless headphones are the luxury option on this list, and have all the features you’d expect from a top range model. They’re leather-trimmed, comfortable, durable, and foldable, and boast the longest battery life on the list (over 22 hours). They use NFC and Bluetooth 4 technology to sync instantly with your devices. And the sound fidelity Sennheiser is known for is augmented by their NoiseGuard noise compensation technology to block out background sound. However, at $499.95 before tax, it’s not a purchase to make lightly. Nevertheless, it’s a great investment for overall performance from a reputable brand.

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Jabra Move Wireless


At the other end of the price spectrum, the sporty and lightweight Jabra Move Wireless were named by Gizmodo, “the best wireless headphones for every discerning ear.” At $99.99, the Jabra’s minimalist headset features up to 8 hours of listening time, a range of over 33 feet, music and call controls on the earpiece, and really good looking design. With three chic colors to choose from (Cayenne, Cobalt, Coal), this comfortable piece is a competitive option for music lovers looking at convenience, price, and fidelity.

Koss BT540i


Koss‘s BT540i is a powerful headset with a low-profile design at a reasonable price. $199.99 gets you enviable audio performance. Some of its key features include being NFC-enabled, dual built-in microphones that block background noise on calls, on-ear music and call controls, over 8 hours of listening time, and it’s integrated with aptX codec technology. The headphones fold flat to fit in a slim, if otherwise bulky, carrying case. As the price suggests, this is a great mid-range option for both audiophiles and anyone who needs to make frequent, clear calls while on the move.

Beats Solo² Wireless


Quickly closing the gap between style and sound, Beats Solo² feature a newly revamped audio profile. David Carnoy of CNET said, “It sounds good in both wireless and wired modes” and gave it an overall rating of 7.2. Beats has moved on from headphones with heavy bass and now offer a more balanced sound output. While these headphones are not NFC-ready, they provide high performance for around 12 hours. Notably, they fold down to about half their original size for easy carrying and are reportedly significantly more durable than the first Solo headset. They also come in an array of colors. However, the price may disappoint consumers, as Beats start at $199.95.

JBL Synchros E40BT


Here is another lower-range headset that delivers stellar results. JBL‘s Synchros E40BT is a lightweight headset set offer long lasting performance (an impressive 16 hours of listening) with a 33+ ft wireless range. The headphones also come with a built-in mic featuring echo-cancelation technology for clear calls, on-ear music and call controls, and an integrated ShareMe system that lets users share music from one device with two sets of JBL headphones simultaneously. These headphones fold down to become the smallest of the options on this list, and come in five colors. Designed for comfort, style, and durability, this JBL headphone looks appealing with its $99.95 price tag.

Did I miss your favorite pair of headphones? Let us know in the comment section below, and happy headphone hunting!

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Stacie Myrtle has been a music enthusiast since she bought her first Walkman cassette player in 1990. She always reads and writes music-related articles to keep herself updated with the latest technology in the industry. She hopes to start her own blog next year that is focused on her passion for music, technology, and the arts.

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