How to Design a Booking Page for Your Music Website with Bandzoogle

By Desi

This article originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

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Including a booking page on your music website is a great way to book more events and festivals. Having all of your information (including your contact information) on one page makes it easier for booking agents and talent buyers to reach out when they’re interested!

Private events, festivalshouse shows, weddings, parties, corporate gigs, and concerts are just some of the types of events you can land with your band booking page. Your booking page is a tool to help you to book shows — let’s take a look at how Bandzoogle’s built-in features can help you build a great page.

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Building your booking page

Designing a great looking booking page is easy with Bandzoogle’s advanced customization options. Using their new styled sections (including background images!), you can break up the page to organize your booking page.

Bandzoogle’s Custom Form feature makes it easy for potential clients to contact you and allows you to ask your own questions to collect all the information you need when considering a booking. The built-in features make it easy to include all the information you need to book more gigs through your website — details like basic contact information, event date, location, and any other specifics you’d like to know about the event.

The Events feature lets you display your already booked dates so visitors can see what your availability might be on any given week of the year. Then, once you have booked the event, you can use it to sell tickets for your concerts!

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With the Store feature, you can add an option for clients to pay a deposit to hold a date or collect remaining payment. Creating an item in the Store will let clients pay to confirm their date — ensuring that you can make even more money through your website.

Use the Quotes feature to feature comments from past clients — this kind of social proof can be powerful in booking new events.

EPK pages can also include relevant information for booking page design. Bandzoogle makes it easy to build an EPK page to book even more events. The preset page option is loaded with the features industry visitors are interested in so they can easily review what you have to offer — and adding a booking form will make it easy to reach out directly!

If you’re a GigSalad user, it’s easy to build in your Booking Quote form and Client Reviews here. Just one more way to book shows with Bandzoogle! Having an easy-to-use booking page can help you book even more shows — which means making even more money from your band website.

By providing all the information talent buyers, booking agents, event planners, or other potential clients need, you’re increasing the likelihood of creating more income. The easier it is for them to get in contact with you, the better!

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