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Charlotte Yates

Charlotte Yates

Get Pro-Level Coaching and Feedback on Your Songs and Lyrics with Charlotte

Charlotte Yates is a New Zealand-based indie songwriter who has released seven solo albums, produced multiple compilations, and toured extensively. And she’s been organizing countless seminars, retreats, and workshops over the past five years as a professional songwriting coach.

Now, she’s here helping aspiring songsmiths find their voice and improve their craft, month after month.

Soundfly’s four-week coaching sessions are designed around your goals and your needs, and they’re loads of fun, especially with a mentor like Charlotte. Learn more about how it works here. Below are just a few of the learning projects you can take on with Charlotte as your personal mentor.

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Charlotte Yates

“I’d love to help you write the best songs you possibly can, songs that grab people by the throat or the heart, or at the very least by the ear!”

Charlotte runs her own pro songwriting retreats several times annually in her home country of New Zealand. Listen to Charlotte’s latest single, “Car Keys,” to check out how she brings all of the strengths of her songwriting and production process together.

Here are a few possible session goals you can achieve working 1-on-1 with Charlotte (click on the one which suits your needs):

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Or, if none of these topics fit your goals… Tell us about yourself so we can match you up with another Soundfly Mentor to start learning today.

With Soundfly, musicians of all types can learn at their own pace using our in-depth online courses. But for those in need of something more personalized and customized to one’s exact goals, we also offer 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with a professional lasting four weeks.

How to Get 25% Off Your Next Session…

When you join Soundfly’s all-access subscription, you’ll get unlimited entry to all of our in-depth course content, an invitation to join our Slack community forum with daily discussions and collaborations, exclusive members-only partner perks, weekly office hours and livestreams, and a $125 discount on four-week custom mentorship sessions.

Soundfly’s community of mentors can help you set the right goals, pave the right path toward success, and stick to schedules and routines that you develop together, so you improve every step of the way. Tell us what you’re working on, and we’ll find the right mentor for you! 

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