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How to Get Into a Good Quarantine Practice Routine (Sample Schedule Included)

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The “stay home, stay safe” mandates brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak have undoubtedly brought many unprecedented changes into our world. Limited socialization, remote work (for those who have it), and the seemingly eternal “every day feels like Tuesday” vibe.

To maintain essential mental health during this time, it’s imperative that we get ourselves into some sort of “schedule” — even if it is substantially modified from what we were accustomed to prior to the pandemic. As a musician, there is truly no greater time to hone your craft than now.

Many of us have become accustomed to being disciplined as a result of things being scheduled for us in life. Whether that is around a “day job” life cycle, commuter timetable, or any other regular obligations, most humans work well with a routine.

That’s why getting yourself into a solid practice schedule from home is so important during this time.

Enjoy the flexibilities provided to you with these temporary stay-at-home changes, but figure out what schedule really works for your lifestyle so you can get yourself settled into this “new normal.” No one will be judging you for sleeping in or having some fun during a mid-afternoon jam session, so take full advantage! But challenge yourself to stay productive, healthy, and carve out some time to better yourself and your musical abilities every day.

Below is a sample “Soundfly Quarantine Practice Schedule” to help you get started, and here you can download a blank version for to fill out yourself!

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Christine Elise Occhino

Christine Elise Occhino is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the music business. In addition to being a vocalist herself, she is the CEO of Lock City Music Group, and the Founder and Executive Director of Hope in Harmony, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses music to help and heal those in need. Christine holds a BM in Music Business & Management from Berklee College of Music, and is a member of the Grammy Recording Academy and ASCAP. She has spoken on many music industry panels, has been a contributing writer for music business publications for over a decade, and also currently hosts the music-based web series and podcast, Soundbytez.