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Today, we’re extremely excited and proud to share with you our newest course, The Pocket Queen: Moving at Your Own Tempo, out now on Soundfly.

The Pocket Queen has lit up social media with her feel-good drumming videos — content that’s brimming with infectious swagger and positivity, rhythmic precision, and an enthusiastic willingness to learn in public. It’s that balance of confidence, curiosity, and vulnerability that has captured the attention of the world’s greatest artists and inspired thousands of musicians to push their skills forward through difficult moments. 

This course cracks open all the ingredients that fuel her success, from the drumming techniques she draws on to build tight, funky grooves to the content she creates for social media and how she produces her sound.

In some ways, it’s a course about being fearless and creating infectious content that delivers joy to millions. In other ways, it’s about becoming a better drummer, producer, and musician and mastering your craft. Drummers are welcome, fans are welcome, but so are content creators of all types. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn from one of the most exciting performers on social media about how they’ve built a brand making music online and beyond, this one’s for you. We’ll explore elements of her drumming and how to understand “pocket,” elements of production and how to make your beats shimmer, and elements of her successful approach to digital content and how to be authentically you in everything you do. 

This course is a little unusual in that it might appeal to a few different types of people: drummers interested in PQ’s playing technique and pocket; content creators interested in how PQ has built her online brand; beat makers interested in learning from a live drummer how to improve their beats and production.

We encourage you to skip around to the parts of the course that fit your interests most. On that note, here’s what you can expect to learn in the course:

Learn PQ’s Unique Approach to Drums and Groove

Discover PQ’s drumming and rhythmic styles and some of her favorite chops and breaks.

Borrow PQ’s Audio Production Tips & Techniques

Learn how PQ records and polishes the sound of her drums for maximum effect.

Discover How to Play in the Pocket

Learn how to lay down a great groove that’s unique to you, and expand your techniques. 

Watch How PQ Creates Authentic Branded Content

Learn how PQ built her social media brand with exciting content in an authentic voice.

Ready to give it a shot?

Preview The Pocket Queen: Moving at Your Own Tempo for free starting today on Soundfly, and subscribe for full access to this and all of our full suite of in-depth, artist-led course content!

Meet Your Instructor

The Pocket Queen in her studio

Drummer, Producer, Artist, & Content Creator

Taylor Gordon, better known as The Pocket Queen, is an is an LA-based drummer, music producer, and digital content creator. 

A native of New Orleans, PQ initially gained popularity through candid drumming videos recorded in the rehearsal room at the Berkley College of Music and released on YouTube. Eventually deciding to move to Los Angeles, she made her break in the industry performing and touring with the likes of Beyoncé, Adam Lambert, Fifth Harmony, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Alicia Keys to name a few. Moving up the ladder as a drummer, she began producing for artists such as Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, and Luke James, and became Grammy Nominated for her work on Kehlani’s You Should Be Here.

The last few years have seen PQ’s devout fanbase on social media grow to include hundreds of thousands of fans, musicians she inspires, and top-tier artists who support her. The Pocket Queen’s debut, self-produced single, “We Came To Move” (feat. Ryck Jane) was licensed by Apple to accompany their viral iPad mini launch campaign.

This was immediately followed by the release of her debut EP Groove Theory, Vol. 1, which has racked up over a million streams. With new music on the way, and a line of drum sticks coming soon, PQ is gearing up for a massive 2023.

Take a listen to The Pocket Queen’s Groove Theory, Vol. 1.

How does a Soundfly course work?

Great question! We offer two ways to experience our courses: on your own with an all-access subscription or with personalized coaching from a Soundfly Mentor.

It costs as little as $19 per month to subscribe to Soundfly. And with your subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to all of the premium course content on Soundfly.com, including this course, to go through at your own pace. This includes all the videos, tutorials, demos, quizzes, activities, downloads, and other materials that make our online courses one of a kind!

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Are you ready?

Let’s get you signed up, so you can learn modern rhythm and drumming concepts, digital music production, and how to channel authenticity and creativity in building your online content brand, with none other than The Pocket Queen.

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