2021: Turn Over a New Creative Leaf With a Soundfly Mentor

style=”text-align: center;”>Start 2021 off with momentum…

It’s not just the start of another year, it’s the end to a particularly exhausting one. Whatever you’re planning to accomplish this year, one thing is for certain: It’s going to take a running start and a head of steam.

So how can you build momentum and sustain a passionate drive towards achieving your next big project? Our advice is to start small and focus on only the next rung in the ladder.

  • If your goal is fully finish one song — take January to focus on one element, like the lyrics or verse chord progression;
  • If you’re looking to write more complex, jazzier harmonies — start by revisiting the various scale modes;
  • If you want to start writing sync music for films or TV — take an old track and restylize it to fit 3 different scene moods.

It all starts with that first, crucial step. And we can help.

Our team of Soundfly Mentors can help you develop your strengths, isolate your weak points, and lay down a path to your next musical milestone, in just a matter of weeks. Check out some available coaches below, and click on a session topic that fits your goals for 2021. Learn more about custom mentorship here.

(*Scroll down to learn how you can take $125 off the price of your session.)

Keturah Brown

Keturah Brown is a Memphis-based songwriter, producer, and marketer with an MA in music marketing from Berklee College of Music. She has studied with fantastic mentors like Imogen Heap, and she loves helping songwriters create audience development campaigns and write true and honest music. Work with Keturah on:

Andrea De Carlo

Andrea De Carlo is an award-winning engineer, producer, and musician based in Turin, Italy. He’s worked at some of the world’s best studios in London, Milan, and beyond, and has an MA in audio production from the SAE Institute. Andrea works in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Garageband. Work with Andrea on:

Ilichna Morasky

Ilichna Morasky is a Chilean-born, Montréal and Copenhagen-based designer, illustrator, and musician. She’s run her own design company for five years working with clients like Feist, The National, and brands like Eve’s Crackers. Work with Ilichna on:

Charlotte Yates

Charlotte Yates is a New Zealand-based indie songwriter who has released seven solo albums, produced multiple compilations, and toured extensively. And she’s been a professional songwriting coach, having organized countless seminars, retreats, and workshops, for five years. Work with Charlotte on:

Brandon Miranda

Prolific remixer, decorated mix engineer, and educator, Brandon Miranda has taught production for KSHMR’s well-regarded Lessons of Dharma, he’s got writing credits for artists signed to Warner and Konvict Muzik, and he’s gained recognition for his dance floor ready remixes of hip-hop and pop artists. Work with Brandon on:


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