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Logic Pro X is an incredibly powerful and flexible environment for composing, producing, and making music of all genres. But as a new user, it can be overwhelming — not just to just find your way around a new environment, but also to be creative and feel free to dive in and start working. In our brand new course, Intro to Making Music in Logic Pro X, we’ll explore how to get started with Logic’s templates, recording and mixing audio, and utilizing MIDI and built-in effects to get you on the road to making your own tracks to share with the world.

Whether you’re a home-recording hobbyist, a beginner electronic producer looking to expand your depth of understanding and use of your DAW arsenal, or a songwriter or musician of any kind who wants to start tracking their own work without a middleman, this course will give you a solid understanding and practical usage guide to one of the industry’s most powerful and trusted programs.

Instead of just showing you where everything is and what each parameter does, Soundfly’s Intro to Making Music in Logic Pro X course takes a more creative and workflow-based approach to using the software — you are in the driver’s seat. We’ll follow along as Martin D. Fowler (band leader, producer, and composer for award-winning podcasts like Limetown, This American Life, and more) demonstrates how to compose, create, and produce within Logic, and you’ll make a suite of tracks that you can use immediately.

And not only that, since it’s a Mainstage course, you’ll have the full support and guided coaching of a Soundfly Mentor along your journey. Here’s a closer look at how this works.

How Mainstage Works

Before you start exploring all of the possibilities with Logic, let’s look at what makes this course different from your typical online course. Our Mainstage courses are all about creating a customized learning experience for you and your needs — that’s where our Mentors come in.

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Once you sign up, you will be assigned a Soundfly Mentor. They will be your personal advisor on this journey, helping you keep yourself accountable, answering questions, and offering feedback on your work. Most of their communication will happen over email or our Slack chatroom if you prefer that method, but you can also request to hop on the phone or Skype if you want to talk something through, and they’ll work to set that up.

They are here to support you, so don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions!

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One of the things we aim to do is get you in the habit of composing and working with Logic. The best learning happens when you’re putting lessons into action. Because of that, our courses are structured with real-world challenges based on concepts in the course. Here’s how it works:

  • Part 1: Tuesday Emails. Every Tuesday, you’ll get an email from your Mentor outlining a specific focus of the week. They may also include extra tips, songs to check out, and other tidbits. The emails will also include your weekly activity.
  • Part 2: Take on Practice Exercises and an Activity. During the week you get to dive into the course and take on weekly activities and exercises! We have a packet every week for you to download and work on. Feel free to ask questions along the way. Your Mentor may also check in with you to see how it’s going or offer additional thoughts.
  • Part 3: Share Your Work. We ask you to share your work on Mondays with your Mentor by sharing your packet with them. The key here is that your work doesn’t have to be perfect! Something is always better than nothing. We also encourage you to share your work with the Soundfly community on Slack so you can get peer feedback, too!
  • Part 4: Get Feedback and Keep Going. Your Mentor will then give you feedback on your activity by Tuesday or Wednesday so that you can apply their lessons to your next week’s practice.

We’re here to support you — while we encourage you to get into the action a little bit every week and not worry about being perfect, you’re welcome to skip a week or come up with a simpler activity with your Mentor if you need to.

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We welcome you to join our Learn to Soundfly Slack Group! This is kind of like a forum or chatroom where you can interact with other students from across the Soundfly community in real time. The entire team Soundfly Mentors is on Slack, so it’s also a great place to and have more conversational messages and expand your learning.

The course wraps up with a final project for you to demonstrate your progress as a producer. This is a chance to really showcase everything you’ve learned. Completed projects have a chance to be featured on Flypaper, and promoted on our social media. We love showing off our students, and can’t wait to hear what you’ll create!

Without further ado, let’s get you signed up!


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