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Step Up Your Beat Making, Sound Design, and Synth-ing with a Soundfly Mentor

Jamie Billings

Step Up Your Music Production Skills with Personalized Feedback, Support, and Coaching from a Soundfly Mentor

“My goal is for every student to leave their session with even more love for creating music and sound than they had when they entered it.”

Enter Jamie Billings: Synthesist, Video Game Composer and Sound Designer, Beat Maker, Mixing Engineer, Composer for Visual Media, and Professional Audio Nerd.

Working with Jamie Billings to improve your production, it’s hard not to veer off into a hundred different musical tangents, but that’s all part of the fun. She’s a Pro Tools Certified Instructor, but also produces in FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic, and GarageBand; she creates interactive sound design for video games and films, and loves playing around with vintage synths.

And that last one is why we’re super excited to have Jamie around to mentor you towards your goals. In case you missed it, we just launched our most in-depth course to date: Advanced Synths and Patch Design For ProducersAnd guess who’s lined up to mentor it?

Jamie graduated from Berklee’s Electronic Production & Design program, has worked at the MIT Game Lab, works at music-oriented video game company Harmonix, and is now here to help you level up your music production skills. Listen to Jamie’s 2020 album, Sugar, under her Unicorn Princess moniker here.

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