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Learn Modern Pop Vocal Production in Soundfly’s New Mentored Online Course

New course announcement!

It takes a meticulous level of detail and skill to be competitive as a modern songwriter and artist. You’re often expected to wear the hat of the engineer, producer, arranger, topliner, and mixer all at the same time, especially when you’re working on your own. Being able to write a really good song just isn’t enough anymore.

So if you’re a DIY home-recording songwriter or producer striving for success in today’s music industry, Soundfly’s brand new mentored online course, Modern Pop Vocal Productioncan help you learn everything you need to know to achieve that crystal-clear Top 40 sound.

Even if you’re just out to learn how to produce better-sounding vocals in your home studio, there are procedures, techniques, skills, and processing chains that we’ll introduce you to, so you never have to spend another dime in a pro recording studio again.

In this course, as with all of Soundfly’s mentored online music courses, you’ll get six weeks of one-on-one coaching from an expert Soundfly Mentor who will tailor the course to your personal goals and experience level. With your mentor, you’ll work on everything from arranging background vocals to advanced editing techniques, tuning, mixing, automation, and more. We’ll discuss effects like saturation, flangers, phasers, and doublers, and we’ll show you how you can create momentary effects (like delay throws) to create a more dynamic and engaging vocal performance. You’ll get the hands-on practice and expert feedback you need to achieve the exact sound you’re after.

Learn more and preview a full lesson in Modern Pop Vocal Production today. The course officially starts on October 1, 2019, so get on it!

“No matter how layered your songs are, we can show you a systematic approach to make your vocals sound powerful and present. Spoiler alert: It takes a lot of meticulous, time-consuming work, but the results are so worth it!” ~ Sırma Munyar, course instructor

Meet the Instructor

Sırma is a singer, songwriter, producer, and topliner who has recorded with the likes of Akon, Illenium, and Keri Hilson. She has recorded and produced vocals for jingles, for major ads, and written and produced original tracks that hit the top of the Spotify charts in her native Turkey. She studied contemporary writing & production at Berklee College of Music, where she learned to become a self-sufficient, multifaceted musician. She also studied production and mixing at London School of Sound, and has worked at various studios specializing in production and sound engineering.

Sırma loves working with students at the intersection of songwriting and production, helping them figure out how to produce the sounds they hear in their heads using the software at their fingertips. In particular, she specializes in vocal production.

How Our Mentored Online Courses Work

When you enroll in this course, we’ll pair you with a personal Soundfly Mentor to customize the experience for your goals and needs. So, what can you expect from a mentor-guided Soundfly course?

The six-week experience includes:

  • A weekly check-in with your mentor to see how things are going, answer your questions, and offer advice on your work.
  • Exercises, activities, and challenges designed to help you improve your skills and push you closer to your goals. Your mentor can tweak these to your unique circumstances.
  • In-depth feedback on your work to help you focus on the areas where you need the most support and get advice on improving your craft.
  • The ability to ask your mentor any questions throughout the course if you get stuck.

Additionally, you get two catch-up weeks that you can use at any time if life outside of the course get too busy, or you just need a break. Just tell your mentor you want to hit pause, and pick right back up where you left off when you’re ready.

Finally, you get lifetime access to our Soundfly Slack chat room, where you can communicate in real time with all Soundfly team members, mentors, and fellow students at any time.

Without further ado, let’s get you signed up!

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