Move Beyond Cliché Chord Patterns with ‘The Creative Power of Advanced Harmony’

New course announcement!

Over the past few months, the most popular course on Soundfly has resoundingly been Ethan Hein’s Unlocking the Emotional Power of Chords. This 101-level harmonic theory course dives deep into the ways certain intervals and chord progressions tug at our heartstrings while others fall flat, providing the student with the newfound ability to harness the emotional potential of the tonalities available to them.

In the above course, however, we rarely color outside the lines of diatonicism — so that’s why we’ve just launched a more in-depth follow-up course with Ethan, because part of the fun of learning the rules of harmonic theory is then learning how to break them. And that’s really what making adventurous music is all about!

The Creative Power of Advanced Harmony takes you beyond cliché chord patterns, giving you an understanding of how to apply more complex harmonic concepts to your music. Moving outside the boundaries of predictable chord progressions is what gives D’Angelo his swagger, Grizzly Bear their sophistication, and Erykah Badu her sense of ethereal other-worldliness.

In this six-week course, we’re going to show you how to transcend tired harmonic clichés to build more nuanced, interesting chord progressions. We’ll explore modal interchange, secondary dominants, dissonance, chromaticism, and other ways to bring a “jazzy” sense of harmony to modern music. You’ll be challenged to write your own mood-setting music by creating tracks for topliners, TV ads, film trailers, and more. You’ll also get personalized weekly feedback on your work from an expert. By the end, you’ll feel comfortable crafting more sophisticated chord progressions to create more nuanced emotions in your music.

As always with Mainstage, you can expect to receive immediate, unlimited access to online materials, a downloadable Course Pack, and in-depth personalized weekly feedback from a Soundfly Mentor. Your Mentor will help you stay accountable to your goals, answer your music theory questions, and offer guidance along the way.

Create More Interesting Chords

We examine extended chords, such as 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, and more to add more sounds to our repertoire.


Explore Complex Emotions

We explore how borrowing from different keys and harnessing dissonance can create more nuanced moods in our music.


Study Complex Chord Progressions in Use

We analyze how popular songs from across genres use non-diatonic chord progressions to create fresh sounds.


Practice Turning Theory into Action

We give you realistic mock-writing prompts to challenge you to translate your learning into your music right away.


The next session starts on January 9, 2018. Sign up now for a free preview today, and take $200 off the course price with the promo code NEWYEARNEWMUSIC. 


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