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We’ve been eagerly awaiting this announcement for a while now, and we’re super excited to finally launch our brand new short course with the boundary-pushing electronic dance music pioneer, Jlin.

Jerrilynn Patton, aka Jlin, is an artist that defies categorization. Her sound is overflowing with exciting rhythms, percussive opulence, and layers of cascading variations and surprises, and her process is all-consuming, anchored by a commitment to naked honesty and self-interrogation. From Chicago’s famed, homegrown footwork scene to the grand symphony halls of Europe, she has pushed the boundaries of what electronic dance music can be.

And now with this course, Jlin: Rhythm, Variation, & Vulnerability — the first of its kind from Jlin — she’s cracking open her approach to making music by dissecting tracks and inviting you into her mindset, to reveal the intellectual and emotional foundations of her artistic work. We’ll use these philosophical approaches as jumping off points to create beats and tracks in your own style, and to incorporate your own personal story into your work.

If you’re a producer or composer looking to break out of repetitive loops and beat block, and activate more excitement and unpredictability in your sound, this course is for you.

Designed to be consumed in one or two sittings, Jlin’s bite-sized course will challenge you to rethink how you make music, and the role rhythm, variation, and vulnerability can play in bringing your tracks to life.

This course is for producers and composers wanting to create more complex rhythmic tapestries, shake up their creative process, and inject more unpredictability into their sound.

Ready? Get started here!

Let’s talk about outcomes.

In this course, you’ll learn about Jlin’s approach to music making, including how she thinks about creativity, artistic evolution, unpredictability and vulnerability. You’ll watch her dig into her rhythmic tracks and break down the decision-making threads and philosophical underpinnings that led to the creation of some of her notable works. And we’re going to analyze some of her compositional variations bar-by-bar.

More than anything, you should leave this course feeling validated in your creative pursuits and inspired with new frameworks to try new things.

Preview a full lesson in Jlin: Rhythm, Variation, & Vulnerability.

Meet Your Instructor


Award-Winning Producer & Composer of Experimental Electronic Music

Jerrilynn Patton, better known as Jlin, is an electronic musician from Gary, Indiana. Patton began producing rhythmic dance music as part of the juke/footwork scene in Chicago, and first gained notoriety with tracks appearing on Planet Mu’s 2011 compilation, Bangs & Works, Vol. 2, alongside RP Boo, DJ Rashad, and others.

In recent years, her music has veered off in a direction entirely her own, with releases like Dark Energy (2015) and Black Origami (2017) garnering immense critical acclaim. Considered one of the most innovative and boundary-pushing artists of the last decade, Patton has worked with creative luminaries like Björk, Kronos Quartet, Holly Herndon, William Basinski, Third Coast Percussion, and more.

Despite relying on samples early on in her career, Patton’s music has markedly abandoned the use of borrowed material in favor of using original sounds and instruments to produce a unique style of “vulnerable” electronic dance music that is at times frenetic and unpredictable, at times minimal and spacious, but always concise, emotive, and communicative.

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Are you ready?

Let’s get you signed up, so you can learn from an award-winning electronic producer how to expand your breadth and tell your own musical stories. 

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