Our New Course With Kimbra on Vocal Creativity, Arranging, and Production

New Course Announcement!

Kimbra's Vocal Creativity, Arranging, and Production course

We couldn’t be more overjoyed and excited to unveil our brand new online course with none other than two-time Grammy Award winning singer and world-renowned artist and songwriter, Kimbra. 

Kimbra is opening up her creative process to students for the first time ever in this comprehensive course. In it, you’ll explore how she finds inspiration, improvises over an idea, pinpoints the focus for a song, and expertly produces compelling tracks with her innovative approaches to singing, arranging, and production. Best of all, you’ll learn how to employ these techniques in your own music.

Whether you’re an aspiring vocalist or a producer interested in treating the voice as one of many tools in your creative shed, Kimbra’s Vocal Creativity, Arranging, and Production course will help you develop new methods for making compelling music.

“Settle Down,” “Top of the World,” “Somebody That I Used to Know” — these are just a few of the songs that introduced Kimbra’s imaginative, innovative, and genre-defying approach to singing and vocal production to the world. From the timbres she employs to the melodies she writes to the production techniques she harnesses, Kimbra utilizes her voice in a much larger role than most pop singers even dare, imbuing her music with power, feeling, and energy.

But you don’t need to be an international sensation to create a magnificent work of art, anyone can make use of Kimbra’s techniques and strategies to produce more exciting musical performances.


Kimbra teaches her creative process from A to Z — how she generates song ideas, and builds them into full tracks with lush arrangements and dynamic production — and she dives back into some of her most beloved songs to unlock how they came together piece by piece.

Some of the sections in this course include:

  • Develop an artistic vocabulary through learning & listening,
  • Experiment with new creative processes to bring your songs from demos to finished products,
  • Engage your body and shape your sound to improve your singing,
  • Unearth vulnerability and emotion through melody and lyric writing,
  • Use vocal characters to bring your stories to life in new ways,
  • Explore new, non-traditional approaches to arranging using only your voice,
  • Make bold, ambitious production choices to lift your tracks to new heights,
  • And so much more.

Preview a full lesson in Kimbra: Vocal Creativity, Arranging, and Production.

Meet Your Instructor

Kimbra on camera


Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Pop Artist

After getting her start in New Zealand at a young age, Kimbra burst onto the global music scene as a featured vocalist on Gotye’s pop hit “Somebody That You Used to Know.” The track took off, giving Kimbra two Grammy’s and countless other awards.

In 2012, she released her debut album, Vows, in the US — an album that reached the top 5 and garnered her numerous awards in New Zealand and Australia, while also reaching number 14 in the US on the Billboard 200. Since then, she’s released two more full-length albums, The Golden Echo and Primal Heart, while collaborating with or appearing alongside tons of other amazing artists, including Bilal, Skrillex, Thundercat, Janelle Monáe, Jacob Collier, John Legend, and many more.

Kimbra is famous for the power, range, and personality of her voice, as well as her interesting vocal arrangements and production, often crafting full tracks and interesting sounds using only her voice.

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Are you ready?

Let’s get you signed up, so you can learn from Grammy-winning artist Kimbra how to harness the full creative potential of your voice in your music.

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