What Students Are Saying About Soundfly’s Modern Mix Techniques Course

Trying to learn to mix music online can have you wading through a sea of half-baked YouTube tutorials and questionable advice, and can leave you ready to throw your computer and half your gear out the window. We know because we’ve been there. And that’s why we at Soundfly built our learning model around personalized coaching, to assist you as you strive to learn new musical skills, like how to mix your music, on your own time online.

Soundfly courses are interactive, practice-based, motivational, and inspirational, and these are just some of the reasons why our students have continually come back to us with positive feedback, even more positive results, and often to take more courses in other fields.

If you’re considering taking an online course to become a better mixing engineer, head over to Faders Up: Modern Mix Techniques to preview Soundfly’s online course for free, and read on below to see what recent students have said about the experience! 

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The first in our two-course series exclusively focused on mixing, Faders Up: Modern Mix Techniques takes a macro-lens approach to the mix process, so you’ll get a well-rounded knowledge of every basic parameter used to create professional-sounding audio tracks, such as: referencing, panning, routing, signal flow, EQ, compression, reverb, and much more. You’ll also learn ear training exercises to make sure you’re hearing your mix correctly and responsibly, and you’ll come away with priceless advice and insight on your personal work process.

This course is instructed by nine top sound engineers from around New York City who have worked with artists such as Beyoncé, D’Angelo, Solange, Sia, Mark Ronson, the New York Philharmonic, the Dirty Projectors, and many more, and it’s navigated by our in-house hip-hop producer Nyle Emerson. By the end, you’ll be able to create working mixes of your own music, as well as being able to communicate confidently with professional mix engineers on how to get the best sound out of your music.

What Students Are Saying About the Course

“One of the best parts of Soundfly’s mentoring concept is that students at a wide variety of levels can get a tailored learning experience that is valuable regardless of your experience level. You guys rock! The mentors are awesome and the courses really work!

“I felt pretty confident about the topics covered in Faders Up, but the class helped me add to my existing knowledge and realize some areas that I had overlooked. At Berklee I learned bass performance, songwriting, and music business, and since graduating I have used resources like YouTube, Lynda, Groove3, and AskAudio.com, to teach myself engineering and production. What stands out about Soundfly is their mentorship concept: It’s the best of all worlds.”

Ryan Morse (four-time Soundfly student), Mentor – John Hull

“I only have positive things to say about the whole course. Just the right information, at the right time, and in the right order. I feel I pretty much understand the theory I’ve learned, and maybe just as importantly, I have learned a new way of working, a series of steps to follow. Working with a reference is really great, you are never alone staring at a blank screen. I really appreciate my mentor’s criticism: The good things and some very precise and surgical ‘bad things’ as well.”

Richard Ayers (two-time Soundfly student), Mentor – Martin D. Fowler

“I was finally able to gain confidence in trying a new DAW beyond Logic. This course has given me more confidence in pursuing gigs with my sample work. Jamie Billings, my mentor, was awesome and made the course worthwhile — she was very helpful on any and all questions I had and fun to work with!”

Kent Wadsworth, Mentor – Jamie Billings

“O M G!! That was so awesome! I think you could see lightbulbs appear over my head, I’m SO EXCITED for everything I am learning!! Thank you, thank you, thank You for everything!”

Maria Lui, Mentor – Andrea De Carlo

“The most important thing I got from my session was the support and in-depth critique from the mentors. They made things so simple and easy to understand and pushed me to get things done. I’m a full-time student and full-time worker so finding time to finish things is tough, but with my mentor’s help (hey Sam!), I was able to grow and get better by listening to my mix over and over again. Most people get fed up with their creative pieces (including myself) and end up not finishing songs. Even though I was so tired of the song I was working on, when I went back a month later and listened, it sounded so good and on top of that, IT WAS MIXED WELL!”

Josh Kinsey, Mentor – Sam Friedman

“The Soundfly community understands that I am learning and that they don’t expect me to be perfect in any way shape or form. Ian, John, and Jamie were all very supportive of me during the session. I feel like you all went above and beyond. You all answered my questions no matter how trivial and I learned a lot because of it. 

“In life there are a lot of situations where you only get as much as you put in. I put in a lot, so I got far far more!”

Dodzi Dzakuma (three-time Soundfly student), Mentor – Jamie Billings

“Having some feedback on my questions from a professional is where I learned the most. But I would say that the compression and the reverb/delay parts are the most complete sections of the course. Keep going, this course was a blast to do! :)”

Benoit Laurent, Mentor – Andrea De Carlo

“It was jam-packed… Don’t know if I would add anything else, just a great course. The mentor thing is excellent — someone who knows what they’re talking about. I was very happy with mine.”

Tony O’Hagan, Mentor – Sam Friedman

“I learned a lot from this course. Right now I’m applying these skills to more songs but I know there is more to learn.”

Jason Tanner, Mentor – John Hull

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