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This Is Our 1,000th Flypaper Article!

Well, this is special!

Today marks our 1,000th post on Flypaper. It’s been a 44-month long journey, which equates to about 957 work days (minus holidays), so that works out pretty close to about one article every weekday for almost four years! That takes a lot of hard work, a lot of amazingly committed and driven people, a lot of creative ideas, and a lot of incredibly supportive readers. I like to think that when you put all that together, it adds up to 1,000 measurable units of something, whatever that might be — awesomeness?

And so this post belongs to all of you: everyone who ever wrote an article for us, or let us share one of theirs, everyone who copy-edited, designed, coded and troubleshooted, everyone who tinkered, everyone who lent us their thoughts, argued (for and against), everyone who tweeted and commented and shared and reposted, and last but totally not least, everyone who ever curiously ended up on our site and stuck around to learn something new. This post is for you.

Thank you so much for your support, your time, your bananas creativity, and your willingness to never stop adjusting things until they’re as good as they’re ever going to be!

To several thousand more!

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Jeremy Young

Jeremy is a Montreal-based musician, sound artist and improviser who loves giving advice to emerging artists on how to make their tours more effective. He writes, records and performs electroacoustic "concrète" music for tape, oscillators and amplified objects and surfaces, as well as solo guitar. He has performed and released material throughout Europe and the UK, Asia, the US and Canada, mostly with his trio Sontag Shogun.