3 Great Reasons to Join Soundfly’s Subscription Plan

learning on Soundfly

learning on Soundfly

We here at Soundfly find ourselves talking about our new, super affordable all access course subscription plan a lot these days.

To almost everyone who comes to Soundfly looking for ways to improve their music-making activities and reach their goals, it just makes sense that we suggest joining the subscription since it empowers musicians with unlimited access to every one of our premium courses plus discounts on our mentored programs. There’s something for everyone and it’s only $39 for every month that you stay subscribed!

But the subscription is more than just courses and discounts — through our private Slack forum, it’s actually become an incredibly vibrant and supportive community where collaborations have already taken shape, where learning doesn’t just happen inside the modules of our online courses, and where inspiration, motivation, and exciting discussions are taking place every single day between peers.

Here are three great reasons why you should consider joining Soundfly’s subscriber community today.

1. A Community of Musicians Supporting Each Other Daily

As a Soundfly subscriber, one gets immediate access to our private Slack community forum, where students, mentors, and staff all contribute to communal discussions over multiple channels on a daily basis. Members share new releases and event details, works in progress and questions as to how to improve them, discussion topics that are meaningful to them, open-ended questions that turn into days-long conversations; they network amongst each other and offer collaborative challenges; they ask for support or brainstormed ideas; and we even conduct interviews on occasion.

One such interview happened recently on Slack and got turned into a widely publicized Flypaper piece (you can read that here). And that’s not even the best part — later the community rallied around the interview again and offered congratulations and supportive hurrahs yet again. It’s a tight, active community and it’s been inspiring to see it grow.

2. Exclusive Discounts on Mentorship Programs

One of the core reasons we started our subscription program was so that we could help ease the cost burden on our mentorship programs to musicians who really crave the accountability, feedback and constructive critiques of a personal coach.

As a subscriber, you’re entitled to up to 33% off the price of doing a full, six-week mentored course, and 25% off a four-week Headliners Club mentorship session. That’s a lot of money you get to save and put back into your music once your personalized, goal-oriented session is over!

3. A Curated Weekly Email from Us with Learning Suggestions and Topics for Discussion

We’re real life humans, and we know you are too. There’s so much to learn on Soundfly and beyond, sometimes it helps to have a guide help you through it.

So each week we send out a curated email with stuff you can learn gathered from around the web as well as right here on Soundfly — like this incredibly in-depth library of royalty free sounds from Icelandic geysers to street soccer ambience, and this story about how the Barcelona Opera opened to a coronavirus-free audience of plants, and this awesome list of affordable equipment for producing hip-hop beats.

And since subscribers can jump around between courses to learn whatever they want… on the ‘Fly, every weekly email features lessons we’ve been enjoying a lot lately, like these ones below.

Not only that, but as a subscriber you’ll be the first to hear of new courses we’re making, and you’ll be able to get in touch with a living, breathing, human support person within minutes if you have a question or need help with anything you’re working on.

What else do you think we do all day? We’re hanging out with students! Duh…

What do you think? 

Go give Soundfly’s new subscription plan a shot and see if either our courses, our mentors, our community, or our support staff, can help you with what you’re looking to improve on musically… We’re pretty sure they’ll be able to. 

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