Improve in Songwriting, Vocal Production, and TV/Film Syncs With Lavender Looi

Lavender Looi

Lavender Looi

Get personal feedback and tutorials on your songwriting, production & TV/film syncs.

We’re extremely excited to introduce you to the newest and most versatile member of the Soundfly Mentor team: Lavender Looi

Born and raised in Malaysia, Lavender’s experience in international music production and songwriting has led her through North America, Europe, and Asia, where she has worked as a composer, producer, and recording engineer for several renowned music studios.

She studied at both Berklee College of Music campuses, completing degrees in Contemporary Writing and Production and Scoring for Film, TV, and Video Games. Her original songs and vocal contributions have since been used in ad spots for major brands including KFC, Grab, Gojek, and Pizza Hut.

Lavender is also part of the executive team at She Knows Tech, a women-led organization working towards closing the music tech gender gap by creating an educated, empowered, and networked community.

Lavender Looi

“I believe that it is important to know the rules, but it is equally important to be unafraid of breaking them to create something that is uniquely yours!”

Here are a few possible session goals you can achieve working 1-on-1 with Lavender Looi (click on the one which suits your needs):

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