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Become a Soundfly Mentor and Help Unlock Student Creativity

We’re currently looking for part-time Soundfly Mentors to support our students in achieving their musical goals across a range of courses in production, composition, crowdfunding, and more.

What is a Soundfly Mentor?

A Soundfly Mentor is an expert advisor who does whatever it takes to help students achieve their musical goals. You can almost think of them like personal trainers for music. Mentors provide highly constrained activities and exercises, offer feedback on a student’s work, share advice and insights from their experience, and nerd out with students over music.

Soundfly Mentors work with students in Mainstage courses.

What are Mainstage courses?

Mainstage courses are 6 week long online learning experiences taught through a series of videos, articles, illustrations, quizzes, and activity prompts. As a Soundfly Mentor, your role is to hold students accountable, keep them motivated, assign activities, and offer in-depth, thorough feedback on their work.

How does it work?

As a Soundfly Mentor, you will be assigned 2-8 students based on whichever course you’re overseeing. You’ll work individually with those students to ensure they achieve the outcomes of the online content, and their personal objectives for the course. Interactions happen primarily through email, Skype/phone, and online comment threads — so we’re looking for people comfortable communicating online!

What: Mainstage Mentors

Commitment: ~2 months, with option to renew

Weekly Commitment: ~3-6 hours a week

Rate: $25/hour

What are the exact responsibilities?

This role is still being incubated, but the core responsibilities include:

  • Weekly Communications: You will reach out to each of your students every week via email to guide them through the content, keep them motivated, and ensure their progress.
  • In-Depth Feedback: You will offer in-depth, substantive feedback on your students’ weekly activities. These weekly reports will also take into account a student’s overall progress and goals. 
  • Administrative Stuff: You will be asked to communicate frequently with Mahea Lee, our VP of Learning & Curriculum, and to keep certain documents up to date, like the student roster spreadsheet.
  • Above-and-Beyond Support: You will be prompted to get creative and figure out how you can go above-and-beyond to deliver value to your students! It could be sending them music relevant to their tastes, helping them understand additional musical ideas or technologies, or sending them a video of yourself demoing a topic.

What courses and subject areas are available?

We currently have seven Mainstage courses that students can sign up for, though the exact number of courses we run each session depends on the number of students who sign up. Our courses include:

What qualifies someone to be a Mainstage Mentor?

  • Outstanding Communication Skills. One of the most important criteria for a Mainstage Mentor is that it’s someone who likes communicating frequently over email. You should feel extremely comfortable over-communicating on email.
  • Knowledge and Experience: While we don’t have a cut and dry set of requirements, Mainstage Mentors are people who have proven themselves to possess substantial theoretical and real-world knowledge in at least one specific area of music.
  • The Desire to See Our Students Grow: As we said earlier, Mainstage Mentors are are excited to go out of their way in order to help other musicians reach their artistic goals. That means being patient, understanding, and positive. It also means having an open heart when it comes to musical preferences and creative choices.
  • A Passion for Learning: Though they should already be confident in their skills, Mainstage Mentors are people who are constantly looking to learn more about music.

Interested in becoming a Soundfly Mentor? Send your résumé and a cover letter within the body of the email about why you’d make a good mentor to [email protected]!

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