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Launching Today: 3 New Music Courses!

Drumroll please! Today we’re launching a new round of course offerings, including our first ever Premium-level content. And — as you may have noticed — our whole site has an entirely new look and feel. We can’t wait for you to peek around and tell us what you think! The free courses you know and love are still available — Touring on a Shoestring, Building Blocks of Piano, and The Improviser’s Toolkit — but starting today, you can join us for:

  • The New Songwriter’s Workshop with Oli Rockberger. Oli has played and written with the likes of Carly Simon and John Mayer, and we’ve worked with him to develop a unique songwriting course that shares tools and actionable advice for beginner and seasoned musicians alike. *Premium*
  • Building a Better Band with Carter Lee. Carter is one of New York’s most prolific band leaders, managing acts like Shea Rose and running one of the city’s most popular hip-hop open mics. We’ve worked with him to create a course about all the elements of band leadership that will leave you better able to lead your next project. *Premium*
  • How to Read Music with the Soundfly Team. For aspiring and early musicians we’ve built a free, comprehensive guide for how to read music.

Watch these sneak previews of Songwriting and Band Leadership to hear what you’ll learn in each course, and head over to our Courses page to see everything we have available.

We’re already hard at work on our next round of courses and have some exciting instructors and partnerships in the works. If there are any topics or instructors you’d like to see join our musical community, share them in the comments below!

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Zoë Young

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