Level Up Your Composing, Analysis, & Media Scoring Skills With Patrick Metzger

Get personal, guided tutorials on music composition, scoring for media, and analysis.

We are extremely excited to introduce you to our newest Soundfly mentor, Patrick Metzger.

Patrick is a composer, singer-songwriter, bluegrass banjo player, pianist, and sound designer. He grew up in Tennessee studying piano and writing music from the age of 11, then studied West African percussion, then majored in music at Sarah Lawrence College, and has worked in and out of the industry since. Patrick also founded the music, culture, and science website The Patterning, and The Next Mix, which creates thematic playlists. 

But you might know Patrick’s name from his massively viral 2016 music theory article on “The Millennial Whoop” (at least we do!). 

His music has been featured in film, theatre, and dance productions in New York City and beyond. Through his studies and experience, he has gained a strong foundation in composition, music theory, and ethnomusicology. Since that time, his work has taken him all the way from touring with tree-dancing hippies to his music being performed at Carnegie Hall.

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“My role is to support you in doing what you do best, nurturing the vibrant life within you and your music.”

Patrick has a passion for analyzing film score composition, and he can help you bring more emotion to the screen with your music, or simply give you a few new tools in your composing arsenal to play with in your own music. 

Here are a few potential session goals you can achieve working 1-on-1 with Patrick Metzger (click on the one which suits your needs):

Or, if none of these topics fit your goals… Tell us about yourself so we can match you up with another Soundfly Mentor to start learning today.

Request a session with Patrick here.

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