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Mainstage Starts Tomorrow: You Don’t Have to Learn Alone

We’re launching the next round of Mainstage courses on July 19, and we’d love to have you onboard! (Don’t worry, you can enroll up to one week after the start date.)

Soundfly’s multi-week Mainstage courses include hands-on support from a Mainstage Mentor, an expert musician in the field who will do whatever it takes to help you meet your goals, through close communication, feedback on your work, and insider tips. While we still offer a number of free micro-courses for you to explore and deepen your musical skills in a matter of hours, through Mainstage mentorship, we’re better able to support you and ensure that you take big strides forward in your musical journey.

And because you’re a supporting member of the Flypaper community, we’d like to offer you 15% off of this round of courses with discount code MSTAGE17.

Here’s what you can look forward to learning this summer!

Produce more compelling music by harnessing the underlying emotional power of chords and harmony.

Master the processes and techniques for programming professional-grade electronic drum beats in Ableton Live.

Write more interesting pieces of music by better understanding the foundational elements of composition.

Master the art of crowdfunding as a way to build a more engaged, supportive fanbase for your musical career.

Improve your chances of reaching Broadway by learning the music theory behind preparing a new piece of music from scratch.

Arrange and compose your own original pieces for the string section of an orchestra.

Unlock your creativity by exploring the foundational elements of writing a great song.


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