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We’re excited to announce some new additions to our team of expert Soundfly Mentors. Their areas of expertise range from mix engineering to orchestral arranging to business and marketing, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for helping musicians like you become successful.

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Our mentor-guided Mainstage courses start tomorrow, June 5, but don’t worry if you’re late to the party, we’ll find a spot for you! Or, check out our more flexible 1-on-1 mentorship program not tied to any course rubric, Headliners Club. In both cases, you’re free to choose a Mentor you’d like to work with, or tell us a bit more about yourself, your interests and your musical goals, and we’ll pair you up with the right person!

Keturah Brown

Marketer, Performer, Songwriter

Keturah has an MA in music business, marketing, and branding from Berklee College of Music, where she learned from some of the best in the world, like Yvette Noel Shure (publicist for Beyoncé, Prince) and Brian Messenger (Radiohead’s manager). We have her song “Orange 2 Blue” pretty much always on in the office. She lives in Memphis and works at Notes for Notes currently, a non-profit that gives young people access to instruments and recording studios and such.

She says the most useful advice she ever got was: “You can do it all. You just can’t do it all at once.” — a statement which has already been engraved into the walls of some of our home studios.

To work with Keturah or other great music business mentors, sign up for our Headliners Club program or send us an email.

Andrea De Carlo

Engineer, Producer, Performer

Last year, Andrea won Italy’s prestigious Carlo U. Rossi Award for excellence in engineering. He’s worked at legendary studios such as London Bridge Studio (Pearl Jam), 123 Studios (Florence and the Machine), and Punta Rec (Lana Del Rey). Listen to his music and follow his activities here.

Andrea thinks of himself as a lifelong learner (which means he’s on the right team), and likes to immerse himself into new subjects with a ton of depth. His music teacher used to say something that’s probably familiar to a lot of us: “First, learn the rules. Then try to change them.” (but we assume it was said in Italian).

To work with Andrea or other top mixers, sign up for Modern Mix TechniquesAdvanced Mix Techniques, or send us an email.

Andre Madatian

Composer, Film Scorer, Guitarist

Andre has had placements on major national TV shows on Bravo, CBS Sports, Oprah Winfrey Network, and more. He’s written major orchestral works, including a string quartet for the famous Kalistos Chamber Orchestra, and has toured nationally and around the world as a performer. Listen to his music and follow his activities here.

Andre says one of the biggest challenges he’s overcome was having to compose, orchestrate, mock up, score, prep, and sync 10 minutes of continuous original music for an animated film in college. He broke it up into smaller cues, focusing on Cue #1 first and then Cue #2, until it was more manageable — in the process, demonstrating a key tenet of our Soundfly Mentorship program!

To work with Andre or other arranging experts, sign up for our Creative Power of Advanced Harmony course, or send us an email.

Jamie Billings

Sound Designer, Engineer, Performer

Jamie has been an audio designer for MIT’s Game Lab, sound designer and performer for Kiran Gandhi, workshop leader in audio production at NYU, studio support specialist at Berklee, sound designer for slot machines, creator of plugins for AIR and AKAI, and an electronic musician with her own solo projects. Listen to her music and follow her activities here. 

Here’s how she describes her experience to her students: “My experiences thus far have taken me on tour creating sound and playing keys live for M.I.A.’s world tour drummer, Kiran Gandhi; as the Audio Designer at MIT Game Lab; leading workshops in recording and post production sound at NYU; working with Avid team on Pro Tools 11; rigging studios as a studio support specialist in EPD at Berklee College of Music; working on the AIR team making plugins and AKAI to create hardware; creating sound and music for slot machine games out in Reno; and working on my own beat making/chiptune/trip hop-ish project, The Unicorn Princess. I got my Bachelor’s in Electronic Production & Design from Berklee College of Music in 2012, and look forward to getting my Master’s from NYU in the upcoming years.”

To work with Jamie or other audio production experts, sign up for Modern Mix TechniquesAdvanced Mix Techniques, or send us an email.

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