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Welcome to Soundfly’s New Web Magazine: Flypaper

A year or so ago, I felt in a rut musically. I’d just gotten back from tour and was totally spent. I’d been playing the same songs over and over again and couldn’t really move on. I needed to branch out, a way to inject originality and creativity back into my work. Basically, I was in another stage of that endless quest to further hone my sound.

The trouble was, I didn’t actually know where to go for help. I turned, as always, to my favorite music — listening to everything imaginable from pop to film scores, old timey jazz to hip-hop. But I really wanted someone to talk to me, to explain how they had found their sound, to give me some tools and practice tips, and to challenge me in ways that would force me to explore new territories musically.

Soundfly, and now its first web magazine Flypaper, were inspired by this realization and a desire to help anyone anywhere discover, explore and share their unique sound musically. On these pages, we will share stories, tips, challenges, and other tools for creative people, whether professional or amateur, to better express themselves musically or meet their musical goals — whatever those may be.

If music is your lifelong journey, we hope to be your guide. Like Virgil to your Dante. Or Gandalf to your Frodo, but without the whole fading into the West thing.

We believe anyone can be a musician — in fact, you probably already are. We believe that too often we either repress this side of ourselves or don’t allow it out of the box to play — and that life suffers as a result. We’re here to encourage more beautiful music in the world by helping you unlock the musician within you and let it fly. And honestly, we can’t wait to hear what you’ll play.

If you’re interested in being involved in any way, have a specific riff you’re trying to tackle or get frustrated with a project or song you’re working on, send us a note at [email protected]. We always love to hear from you.

Otherwise, enjoy the notes, musings, ramblings, tips, explorations and articles from Team Soundfly! See ya soon!

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Ian Temple

Ian is a pianist, entrepreneur and professional musician. He started Soundfly to help people really find what gets them most excited musically and pursue it. He's toured all over the world with his experimental trio Sontag Shogun. Follow him on Twitter at @ianrtemple.