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Soundfly is seeking a Community & Mentor Manager to support our growing community of students and Mentors.

Soundfly is currently looking for a part-time or full-time Community & Mentor Manager to support our growing community of students and Soundfly Mentors. This person should be an experienced musician, a lover of learning, and a communicator, someone who loves connecting with people of all types and helping them solve their problems. They should also be detail-oriented, capable of taking the initiative, and a great writer. More details below.

To apply, please submit an email to [email protected] that explains why you’re awesome and perfect for the role, along with a resume and a song you think we really need to listen to right now.

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Title: Community & Mentor Manager

Hours: 20+ hours a week

We’re open to starting this as either a part-time or full-time position, as long as you are a particularly great fit. If we start at part-time, we’re thinking 20 hours a week, with the potential to move into full-time down the road.

Location: NYC or LA preferred, but remote with the ability to travel occasionally is fine as long as you are incredibly reliable and highly communicative.

You are…

  • A great communicator in every way! You’re confident, outgoing, and will be inspired by the challenge of organizing and communicating with groups of people online.
  • An initiative taker. You are willing to work independently and take the initiative when you see opportunities to better meet the needs of our Soundfly Mentors and students.
  • Detail oriented and organized. It’s important to you to get the details right, and you simply cannot fathom the idea of sending out an email with a mistake in it or mistyping someone’s name.
  • Someone who is extremely passionate about music, with a strong background in the area.
  • Committed to curiosity, lifelong learning, and constantly questioning how we can do things better.

You have the following skills…

  • Writing. You are comfortable with the English language and consider yourself a strong writer.
  • Thorough understanding of music notation and analysis
  • Familiarity with music production/DAWs
  • Google Suite (docs, sheets, sites, etc. — can be learned on the job quickly if need be)
  • Familiarity with Slack (can be learned on the job if done quickly)

If you’re the perfect candidate, you’ll probably also have…

  • Degree in music (or similar proof of technical expertise)
  • Unique background as a working musician
  • Experience working in music education
  • Experience working with Soundfly (as a Mentor, Flypaper writer, etc.)
  • Knowledge in areas of music that are less common on our team
  • Experience in sales, customer service, or community management
  • Basic Adobe Suite skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects)

To start, your day-to-day will be spent…

  • Supporting the VP of Learning and Curriculum Development in managing our team of superstar Soundfly Mentors, including:
    • Tracking and administration of the program
    • Helping develop training materials and communications to Mentors
    • Regular check-ins with the VP of Learning and Curriculum Development
  • Managing and growing engagement on our community Slack group so that it becomes an exciting part of our learning experience.
  • Developing and implementing additional ways to build community among our students, our student alumni, and our Soundfly Mentors.
  • Supporting individual students on occasion and solving programmatic problems that arise.
  • Supporting the development of course materials that might improve the mentorship process or help support the production team.

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Soundfly is a startup seeking to create better and more effective online learning experiences, specifically for musicians, with daily articles, free courses, and a range of highly personalized coaching programs that combine high-quality course materials with personal mentorship, support, and feedback. Learn more here.

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