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  • 5 Secrets to Making Your Sub-Bass Notes Audible

    5 Secrets to Making Your Sub-Bass Notes Audible

    + Welcome to Soundfly! We help curious musicians meet their goals with creative online courses. Whatever you want to learn, whenever you need to learn it. Subscribe now to start learning on the ’Fly. Whether you’re making pop, hip-hop, or EDM, chances are your music is going to include sub-bass. For those who aren’t familiar, sub-bass frequencies are low-pitched notes below approximately […]

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  • Off Notes: For Lovers and Haters Alike

    Off Notes: For Lovers and Haters Alike

    Happy Friday! This weekend has something for everyone! For the lovers out there, Happy Valentines Day! To the not-so-in-love, Happy Presidents’ Day! To the bitter and twisted, Happy Friday the 13th! And welcome to another Off Notes weekly round-up of the best the musical internet has to offer. I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s post to the lovers […]

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  • An Ethnomusicological Study of Feist’s Let It Die

    Canadian singer-songwriter Feist’s monumental second album, Let It Die came out all the way back in 2004. So why am I all of a sudden offering a perspective on it? Good question. I have no idea. Long car rides often provoke more attentive re-listens, I suppose. Upon first listen, Let It Die has this deeply seductive bossa nova-style […]

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