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  • Meet Takeo Ischi: Germany’s Virtuosic Chicken Yodeler

    Meet Takeo Ischi: Germany’s Virtuosic Chicken Yodeler

    In a world fraught with political turmoil, broken up by war, and torn apart by loss, the absurd, lighthearted mountain music of Takeo Ischi more poignant and essential than ever. I mean, if the news has got you down (and how can it not), just take a break and watch this. You’ll feel much better,…

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  • THE COMPASS: Cologne, Germany

    THE COMPASS: Cologne, Germany

    By Andreas Oskar Hirsch Köln or Cologne, Germany, offers a vivid scene with regards to experimental, new music, electronica, classical music, jazz, cross-border projects, improv, and more. To me, the city is quite well-connected to sonic exploration, research, and experiments. In German we call it, “Klangtüftelei,” which means working with sound in a playful and…

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