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  • Album Histories Monthly: Joan Jett – ‘I Love Rock ‘n Roll’

    Album Histories Monthly: Joan Jett – ‘I Love Rock ‘n Roll’

    Welcome back to our new series on Flypaper, Album Histories Monthly, which brings you the story of a single album each month, in the month that it was originally released. Last month, we covered the Replacements’ 1984 goofball-punk classic, Let It Be. This month:  Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – I Love Rock ‘n Roll Release Date: November 18, 1981 “Looking…

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  • How Rock Singers Can Up Their Showmanship

    By David Stewart Jr. Rock music has always pushed the limits of pop culture. Be it through the rebellious lyrics and aggressive vibes, or through scandalous images and (literal) pyrotechnics on stage, rock ‘n’ roll is the go-to form of expression for some of the world’s greatest and loudest artists. I have studied the greats…

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